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Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of The Wheel of Fortune are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 10

Planetary Energies: Jupiter

Major Meaning: Luck is on your side! Change is on the way, and opportunities have the potential to work out well. Don't be afraid to follow them up.

Quick Message: There soon won't be anyone, or anything blocking your progress. What you want can happen quickly.

Positive Influence: Good news, and luck. A miracle. Someone who is optimistic, kind, and helpful.

Negative Influence: A sad or unhappy friend, or relative. A pessimist who believes that we have little, or no control over the future. Someone who lets things happen, without trying to improve the situation. 

Personality Strengths: Easy-going, adventurous, and flexible. Unafraid of change or the unknown. Self - confidence. Courage, and inner strength.

Personality Weaknesses: Poor judgment. A lack of direction. The inability to react positively to change, or the unexpected. Procrastination.

Wheel Of Fortune For Love

If you haven't been able to see the person you love or have strong feelings for, this could be about to change. The circumstances preventing it may soon be different. Giving you the opportunity to meet again. 

If you are already in a relationship and things haven't been going well, the change you need to sort out any arguments with a friend or lover could again take place in another area of your life. For example, as part of your finances. Maybe you will get the job you wanted, and your money situation improves so that you can afford to have a night out or start dating again. 

The Wheel Of Fortune card is asking you to be optimistic. The possibilities are endless. Remember too that luck is on your side when you have drawn this card.

Wheel Of Fortune For Sex

Maybe you have been taking things slowly in your sex life for reasons of your own. If that's the case it's time now to make your move, and turn the heat up in the bedroom. The small changes you make now could turn into the passion you have been looking for. There shouldn't be anything stopping you. If there is something new you want to try, let your partner know, and take advantage of the good fortune associated with this card.  

The Wheel Of Fortune may also be reminding you that miracles can happen. So don't be surprised if the person you thought had gone forever turns up unexpectedly, and wants more hot sex with you. This card can signify that a twist of fate will take you into the future. Also that the Universe, Angels, or Higher Beings are helping you to fulfill your destiny. Whatever you believe, it's time to have some fun!

Wheel Of Fortune For Money

The Wheel Of Fortune card may be telling you that money, or the opportunities to get more of it are on their way to you. Possibly a career change, with a bigger salary; a wage rise in your current job, or the chance of a good investment.  

However it happens, make sure you don't miss out. When something does come your way, think carefully about the possibilities before saying no. Where money is concerned, there can often be more than one way of getting it, and it could be something that will take time to happen.

Wheel Of Fortune For Spell Work & Energy Correction

The Wheel Of Fortune usually means that your good and bad energies are well balanced. So you have good Karma, which can attract more of the things you want. However, as with all of the cards in the tarot pack, its meaning must be read in conjunction with the others around it.  

If you want to boost the good fortune coming your way, or get the things you want more quickly, then why not try using A Prayer That Always Works? It may also help you take the next step on your spiritual journey.

Wheel Of Fortune For General Outcome

The Wheel on this card is a sacred symbol which represents change and movement, including the natural cycle of birth and death. All of us experience change throughout our lives. Possibly making us ask questions, like: Why do things happen in the way they do? Are we to blame for bad luck? Is there a God or Higher Being who is responsible for our lives? Is it simply destiny, or fate which happens naturally? Whilst change provides the opportunity to learn something new, which can be helpful to our personal development and spiritual growth.  

If recent events have led you to believe that nothing good will happen again, it's time to reconsider. With the benefit of hindsight could these past events, which seemed bad at the time, actually be positive ones? It sometimes takes one or more changes to occur, before we are in the right place for something good to manifest. 

The Wheel of Fortune card is telling you that it's time now to enjoy the great opportunities which are on their way to you. There's also no need to be afraid of the future. The Universe and Higher Beings are closely connected to this card, and are supporting you. Archangel Michael is the supreme Angel who stays with us, and offers us protection during times of change. If you have any questions about taking the next step on your journey; your life purpose, or spiritual path then now is a great time to ask.

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