Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics Of The Wheel:

Arcana: Major

Number: 10

Planetary energies: Jupiter

Major meaning: Change

Quick message: Change is about to come and most likely, it will be positive!

Positive influence: luck, prosperity, good news, money, good changes you've been looking for

Negative influence: set back, changes aren't as pleasant or as expected, something different

Personality strengths: someone adventurous and flexible, able to deal with changes and all sorts of news. Usually, a happy person with easy-going personality. Someone who is considered to be lucky and optimistic.

Personality weaknesses: someone who resists change and brings unusual circumstances. They are not necessarily bad, but would rather be known as "weird". Someone who does not know how to make plans work out. Such a person may simply live a life by default, with an attitude of "whatever happens - happens".

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