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So, you want to read Tarot cards like a Pro?

Discover 3 invaluable lessons every Tarot card reader

I have a crazy story to tell you about reading Tarot cards...

Not a long time ago, when I lived in Michigan, I was working as a miserable taxi driver.

Broke, depressed, damaged in many ways, heartbroken and fears were creeping in one by one...

It felt like there is no way out of this hell...

Gosh, even the taxi company I worked for had junk yard cars with bald tires that we had to drive on Michigan snow and ice.


Out of a blue, completely spontaneously, for no particular reason, I decided to become a professional Tarot reader and read Tarot cards for people who need help.

But I had to help myself first...

And I did... But it was not as "nice" as someone may think it would be. Spirit attachments, evil spirits, psychic vampires and all sorts of "nasties" were following me after I opened up the psychic portal. All it seemed like I was missing Devil himself! Continue reading as I explain everything in details and tell you a major mistake I did! Its a very interesting and spooky story I have to tell you! Don't worry, it has a good ending though!

Ok, how in the World does someone go from a taxi driver to professionally reading Tarot cards?

Here comes your lesson # 1: Absolutely anyone can go from a complete newbie to a powerful Tarot reader in just one day. I will talk about this more at the end of the letter. YES, you too can read like a pro by tomorrow!

It didn't happen to me because I didn't know how to. You'll know how to.

But this is how it all started:

Just about a year before that, I picked up a deck of Tarot cards at one of the local occult shops in Wisconsin.

I remember I knew nothing about Tarot.

In fact, it was a bit spooky...

I was very heart broken and in love with this one girl... You probably you what I mean....

I remember I asked a question about my love situation and pulled out a King Of Cups.

Chills went through my body...

I thought: "even though I don't know this Tarot card, it looks like she is seeing someone else".

I pulled out the next card and it turned out to be a Chariot.

When it didn't make any interpretation sense, I looked it up for a meaning and it turned out to be: Quest.

Ok, Chariot means Quest but it didn't make sense to me. When I looked up King Of Cups, the news got pretty bad...

Not only it meant "a man", it also meant "father figure" as well.

Sometimes, you must be able to handle harsh truth or you are out.

Here comes your lesson # 2: Yes, you must be able to handle harsh truth, but it is not the essence of reading Tarot cards. The essence is to eliminate chaos using your knowledge on reading Tarot cards and build the future you'll love. That's the real power you have right now!

Usually, when you want to do a Tarot reading for yourself and pick up a deck of Tarot cards, you have a very pressing life situation.

And most of these situations are very emotional.

It can be love, money, protection or some other situation that requires immediate attention.

And in that state, you hope you'll pull out a "good card".


Like in my case, it was not the case.

See, later I discovered what that Kind Of Cups meant. She was indeed seeing someone else and got pregnant from him. So yeah, that's your "father figure" right there.

You must be able to handle harsh truth or you are out.

But here is the good news:

Tarot cards can help you to avoid situations you do not want, they help to fix current situations you don't like and even rebuild the negative past - and those are just FEW minor things you can do with Tarot!

In fact, that's one of the main purposes of using Tarot cards!

Get it and forget about harsh truth forever!

Evil spirits, spirit attachments, psychic vampires and all sorts of naughties are waiting for you when you at the psychic portal.
Do THIS to avoid them!

Here comes your lesson # 3: Most people are afraid of mystical. But there is nothing to be afraid of when you read Tarot cards. All you have to do is know how to put up the defense and your powers will grow at the rapid speed. In fact, the benefits you'll get will surprise even you!

Let me give you the # 1 advice on reading Tarot cards:

Don't be afraid AND protect yourself.

Let me explain everything in details so you get it right.

When you pick up a deck of Tarot cards and start doing readings, you open up a psychic portal.

The bad news is that you give a chance to negative Spirits to attach to your energy field and steal your life force.

Here are just some symptoms if it happens:

  • Severe energy drains that can last for days
  • Extreme irritability
  • Unexplained feelings of prolonged depression and sadness
  • Feelings like you are going crazy
  • Problems with cognition
  • Impulsive feelings to do reckless things and careless behavior
  • Actual feelings that something is hanging around you
  • Break of synchronicity, also known as "prolonged bad luck"
  • It can even show physical symptoms: dark circles under your eyes, unusually skinny face, sleep deprivation, nightmares and feeling like you isn't you or something is very wrong, followed by anxiety and tensions

But, on the same token, you can also attract VERY GOOD THINGS when you open up psychic portal.

So, here come your good news:

You can attract immense help from positive Spirits.

Think of helping Spirits, Angelic beings, Archangels and all the goodies.

Here are the signs you are attracting positive help when you pick up a deck of Tarot cards:

  • You feel energized
  • You easily find solutions to your problems
  • Problems turn into easy challenges that you easily overcome
  • After you do the reading, a clear solution is presented to you
  • Even after you finish your Tarot reading, you get more positive signs and encouraging answers
  • You feel happy and refreshed
  • Psychic healing starts taking place - your problems start to magically heal on their own
  • You get more and more abundance
  • Things start to work out in your favor, automatically. It's like you have the whole Universe behind your shoulders, ready and willing to help you 24/7 and nothing stands on the way!

So, how do you get all the good help?

It's very easy!

Your psychic confidence, safety and protection is easy to attain and benefits of doing so reward you by x 100 fold! 

By the way, here is your extra lesson # 4: Know that you are not alone. Help is available to you. And the benefits you'll get will outweigh all negativity by x 100 fold! In other words - go for it!

All you do is:

  • Become aware that there are negative Spirits out there and they can attach. More often than not, your awareness itself starts to serve as a powerful protection mechanism. It's like your subconscious mind starts to put up automatic defenses. And you start getting rid of fear. And then...

  • You do a simple psychic protection spell or other forms of psychic protection, like talismans. This starts to protect you even if you do have severe fears of negative Spirits and all sorts of evil. In fact, these protections are extremely beneficial to have for absolutely everyone, because one way or the other, people do get influenced psychically during day or at night. 

    Click here to see my list of powerful psychic protections for Tarot card readers.

And here is another tip to keep in mind:

  • Even if you attract some sort of negative Spirit, it is not the end of the world. There are many methods to get rid of them and I helped countless people to do just that and so much more.

    Click here to contact me if you think you are under a psychic attack.

My advice is this: under no circumstances let any sort of negativity stop you from developing and strengthening your psychic abilities because benefits outweigh the negativity by x 100 fold!

So, how do I become a powerful psychic and
read Tarot cards like a pro?

List major, minor arcana and all the options, teach them how to buy from you and why

Let me give you a complete list of starting points and then points to advance on.

  • Explore this website. Here you will find interpretations of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards. You will also learn about court Tarot cards, like Kinds, Queens, Knights and Pages.

  • Know more than just Arcanas. For example, there are Suits and Numbers when it comes to Tarot cards. For example, when you do a 3 cards spread reading and two or more cards are of the same suite, like for example, you get Ace of Cups and Knight of Cups, look into the suit meanings. Same applies for numbers. If you get 4 of wands and 4 of cups, look into numbers as well.

  • You may also be very interested in my advance course called "Become Psychic Now - Mastering Tarot In One Day" - it teaches you how to become a powerful Tarot reader in just one day. My customers love this course because it is wealth of practical psychic information combined with years of experience and down to the earth teaching style. It contains very powerful information no other psychic book, ebook or course has. Even psychic schools don't teach it!

  • A lot of people want to get Psychic Attunement. This is done to open up your Third Eye Chakra and increase your psychic abilities fast and easy way. The reason people choose me to attune them with psychic abilities is because I take several steps further: I also set up protections and use Master Psychic and Psychic Master Key spells. This is the best way to acquire psychic powers fast and easy if you don't want to do attunement yourself.

  • And just for fun, you may also discover some fun facts about Tarot cards and other psychic related stuff. There is something for everyone in here.

And here is my crazy story

tarot cards

You are probably wondering what happened to my story...

Let me tell you how I became a professional psychic and what I had to go through.

So, I was in the taxi cab, driving passengers all over the town. And I decided to become a professional psychic.

I picked up my Tarot deck and just started reading. Reading, reading and more reading. I started reading on all sorts of situations. Starting from my own questions to the global ones.

Tarot cards became like my best friend. Hey, I had to somehow get out from that hell of poverty and loneliness, and there were not many real friends to help me with that.

Solutions started to present themselves. I started seeing new directions, read hidden information, read other people's plots behind my back and my Tarot cards were showing it all.

I had challenges to interpret some Tarot cards. Yes, it was taking time and practice. Things were improving...


New challenges arrived and they were NOT the ones I was prepared for: evil Spirits, negative Spirit attachments and even psychic vampires were finding me with extreme easy and comfort. Ouch...

See, I didn't know that I had to be protected. Actually, I did but I did not pay much attention to it. I thought: "What's a big deal?"

I was wrong. Very wrong...

It took me YEARS to master protections right! The reason why it took so long is because once I was purposely looking for more powerful Spirits to attach, so I can master my defenses even better. And oh boy, if you are looking for those on purpose - there is an overabundance of them available!

I lost count of how many Spirits I had to deal with. Some were pure evil, some were sneaky tricksters, some were actually helpful (yes, dark Spirits can be very helpful and dark does not necessarily mean evil)...

Some of these Spirits were just bored. And some of them needed guidance themselves.

Spiritual World is very interesting. Once you drop your fears, you feel safe among even the most evil Spirits and some of these Spirits want to treat you like their master - give them a task and they attack it with passion and speed!

Of course, you have to give them darker types of tasks. But some of them really liked the tasks of guarding and protecting. For example, I sent a very dark Spirit towards a psychic vampire to give him a very concrete warning to stop playing games...

I admit - it was all crazy. Back them, I was not so calm about it. I didn't know so much as I know now. But I did not want to give in to fears.

As a result, I became a very powerful psychic and this is how I know. When I was in Atlanta, GA, I was invited to participate in a psychic fare. But since it is an upscale fare, psychics had to be tested first. Tested by people and by staff.

This was my first professional performance. I was competing among much more experienced psychics and Tarot readers that presented themselves with great deal of confidence.

I was a bit nervous. Hey, it's my years of practice will be harshly judged. Anyways, to make a long story short - I scored at 94.3% accuracy while average Tarot card reader accuracy turned out to be below 60%. Actually, 60% is not that bad. For example, average remote viewing accuracy is only 30%...

Since then, I started to professionally read Tarot cards for people and later, I developed my own Tarot cards course called "Become Psychic Now - Mastering Tarot In One Day". My goal is to help everyone I can to become a powerful, accurate and happy Tarot card reader. But without going through all the evil Spirit stuff I had to go through.

I learned about very special methods of fast and powerful psychic attunements. It can take like years for regular attunements to work while my attunements usually work within the first week (some people say they work the same day!)

I developed my "secret sauce" which combined very powerful spell work called Psychic Master and Psychic Master Key. The first spell helps the person to master himself or herself in the psychic realms when reading Tarot cards and the second is designed for the Universe to assign you a special "Psychic Key" - an ability to be up to 500% more powerful than an average psychic, see into situations much deeper and easier and access psychic information others only dream to access (for example, in 2013 I predicted a conflict between USA and Russia and it's escalation towards 2015).

This is just one prediction and you'll be able to get this information on autopilot. Most other psychics do not access "global events" with such accuracy because it requires the access of collective unconscious.

Again, if you want to become a powerful Tarot card reader, I highly encourage you to check out my course:

"Become Psychic Now - Mastering Tarot In One Day"

Or if you feel like you mastered Tarot cards and you want to progress further, check out my Psychic Attunement page.

And if you want to read more of my crazy stories, click here to continue.

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