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A Prayer That Always Works

Clear Unwanted Destiny With The Power Of A Prayer That Always Works!

After You Use It, You Readings Change For Good!

Use It And Expect Miracles!

Original Version of A Prayer That Always Works was published by one of the best psychics and magicians - Master PlutoCraft.

He conducted was over 2,000 tarot readings and took a 2-nd place during a tough psychic competition in Atlana - his first competition right at the beginning of his psychic career.

Master PlutoCraft scored an unbelievable psychic accuracy - at 94%, while average psychic accuracy of an experienced Tarot reader is somewhere at 60%.

Again, that was in the beginning of his career.

But Master PlutoCraft was also very interested in magick and creating miracles.

After performing many spells, rituals, healings and remote influencing sessions, he began to use his gifts to turn people into psychics and energy workers.

Then, Things Changed A Lot With A Prayer That Always Works! Or APTAW For Short...

Master PlutoCraft discovered an ancient prayer. He was already familiar with the power of Hawaiian healing and clearing techniques. But when he found an ancient Hawaiian prayer, he knew that it has power!

Just how much power did it have, he did not fully realize yet. Later, he discovered the true depth of it's power.

And this is what he has to say about this ancient prayer:

"See, when I first discovered this prayer, I felt the enrgy of it. It was something special. I began obsessed with it and I began to use it all the time, on anything and everythng...

What I noticed are these instant energy shifts. And when I began to pay attention, I found out that it worked for every situation I used it for.

After giving it more and more tests, it just never failed. That's why I called it A Prayer That Always Works!

I made instructions for it and I began to teach people how to use this beautiful prayer. I put it in the PDF format and called it A Prayer That Always Works!

I made a simple website for it and began to distrubute it. People just absolutely love it and you can read true, shocking stories of what it did for people on the website! All stories are 100% true.

Also, I am a psychic myself. And here is something interesting. Sometimes, I see on the cards things that I do not like.

A lot of people just think that this is how things should be. But I was obsessed with finding a way to change bad outcomes or unwanted destiny.

So, I began to use A Prayer That Always Works and when I get to the part of the prayer that requires me to state a problem or Karma - I just state that I got "these and these" Tarot cards.

I also state psychic messages that I feel associated with these cards. This is absolutely not necessary but I just do it.

I can also state feelings, emotions and thoughts that I feel.

Finally, I request clearing and protection against these bad cards. Or protection against "bad things that may be coming" to be exact.

I ask the Universe to remove all the nastiness and remove these energies, so only good comes to me or my loved ones.

Yes, I request good things and only good things to come - just like that!

It works! It truly does! After doing the prayer, your Tarot cards change too! Instead of problems, you begin to get miracles! That's the power of A Prayer That Always Works!

I use it for everything and anything. There is no limit what you can use it for. 

You can use it for yourself, your loved ones, your clients, for places, for clearing Karma, clearing situations - you name it!

There is no limit and it truly does turn you into a walking blessing!

Again, there is a reason why I called it A Prayer That Always Works!!!"

If You Want Results I Am Talking About, Then Make Sure You Get ORIGINAL VERSION ONLY!

WARNING: as A Prayer That Always Works was released, imitations of it began to appear as well.

If you want to learn more about this magnificent prayer, then use ORIGINAL RESOURCE ONLY: 

Another resource where you can get an original copy is at website.

So, if you are reading cards or doing any ther divination and you are afraid that something bad is going to happen - use APTAW!

You can also use A Prayer That Always Works for all sorts of clearing. For example, to clear negativity away that you may pick up for your clients.

You can also use it to restore love, relationships, gain money, business, become an icon of power, live a happy life, restore anyone's Karma and anything that you want.

Then, you can use it on clients too! Imagine how much business you'll have when you'll use it to cause a profound change?

Try it and witness everything yourself!

At least, now you know that you are no longer powerless - no matter what you cards show you!

The choice is yours!


This master prayer works with any religion or if you are a complete atheist. You don't have to believe either it will work for you or not. You can have as many doubts as you want. But the more you use it, the harder it will be for you to deny that it is working and always working!

Try to disprove it and you'll find that you can't!

Do Tarot Cards Show You BAD NEWS?


All You Have To Do Is: Change Your Destiny With 
A Prayer That Always Works!

Or! Contact Master PlutoCraft for your emergency case evaluation if you do not see what you like on the cards!