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 Master These Best Tarot Spreads And You'll Rock!

Ready to rock'n roll with your cards?
Below you will see most common Tarot spreads:

  • Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
  • Star Spread (AKA: Circle Spread, Pentagram Spread)
  • Four Card Tarot Spread
  • One Card Tarot Spread
  • Love Spread
  • Money Spread
  • "YES/NO" Questions Spread
  • And... Learn How To Design Your Custom Spreads Right Now

Let's begin with the hardest one!

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread:

Celtic Cross Tarot spread is considered to be complex and hard to interpret.

However, consider it a myth. I want to show you a very easy way to learn, understand and interpret this spread.

If you want to be a professional interpreting Celtic Cross, then I suggest you to UNDERSTAND this spread first.

In other words, instead of wasting time memorizing where to lay out the cards, simply understand what each position means and interpreting it will be a breeze.

We will go into a detail of each position. But for now, this is how Celtic Cross spread looks like:

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Looks complex? No worries!

The numbers near the cards represent the ORDER in which you lay out the cards.

And obviously, the words represent the MEANING of the card. Now, this is the most important part of the spread you need to memorize - which card position means what.

Once you do that, and because this spread is so detailed, interpreting Celtic Cross becomes a breeze!

Let's take a quick look at each card's position:

  1. Present. This represents the issue you are asking about in the present moment. The card is showing you overall energies surrounding your situation.

  2. Immediate challenge. This card represents opposing energies in regards to your situation. This can be viewed as a block or something you need to overcome.

  3. Far past. This card very often represents the root of the problem. It's like, this is where and how it all started. You want to pay attention to this card, because in conjunction with card # 2, you may be able to see what you need to avoid in order to rid yourself from a problem and similar situations.

  4. Recent past. This card in Celtic Cross spread shows you what else, more recently contributed to the situation and what may be reinforcing the situation. This card can also show you what is improving the situation depending on what comes up there.

  5. Best outcome. This card shows you what you are gaining in regards to the situation. Don't be afraid to get a negative card there. If you do, then treat it as lesson you want to learn from this. Once you learn the lesson, you no longer need the experience. In fact, this is one of the best ways to let go of situations you don't like.

  6. Immediate future. This card shows you what you can expect very soon in regards to your situation. Pay attention to this card in order to intelligently calibrate around the obstacle.

  7. Factors that affect your situation. This card shows you what else contributes to your situation. It can show you additional energies and people that may play negative or positive role in what's going on.

  8. External influences. This card identifies influences you are most likely unaware of. It can be a hidden enemy or just something that is external and may not be clearly visible. 

  9. Hopes and fears. In this position you are able to see fears and inspirations. Don't be surprised if you see something that may not make perfect sense in the beginning because most likely, they are your subconscious fears and inspirations.

  10. Final outcome. This card in Celtic Cross spread shows you what is the most likely outcome will be. It also asks you to look deeper into a situation if you see something you do not like in here. It tells you: "change something and your situation will change too".

Do you want to see how I interpret Celtic Cross spread in real life in a real situation? Do you want to get additional details on how you can interpret this spread to understand everything better? Click here!

Star Tarot Spread:

This spread is also known as Pentagram or Circle spread.

It has many variations and different readers interpret it differently.

I would like you give you simple, yet extremely deep and detailed interpretation of this spread which allows you to look at your questions from many different angles.

The layout of the cards is very symbolic here - each card's position is laid out in accordance to symbolism of the pentagram and interpretation greatly evokes psychic powers as you lay out Star spread.

This is how it looks like (yes, you can actually visualize a golden pentagram as you lay out Star spread):

Star Tarot Spread

Let's get into details of each card:

  1. The Matter. This card lays in the center of the pentagram and becomes a center of attention. This is your question. This is what you want to know about. This is what you should know about your question. 

  2. Energies. This card is positioned at the element of Fire in the pentagram. It represents the energies that surround your situation. It also represents action. For example, it can tell you about an action that contributed to the situation or an action that may happen in the future. But don't be limited to just action... This card represents energies in motion in accordance to your question.

  3. Influence. Laying in the element of Air, this card represents mentality. Think of it as thoughts that come up in regards to the situation. They can be your thoughts or someone else's. This card tell you: "You create your own reality and it starts with your mind. Look in here and see if your thinking needs to be changed... or see if you need to devalue the negative influence of others... or value the positive influence of a helping counsel... The choice is yours".

  4. Emotions. This card shows you which emotions are involved in the situation. Emotions are responsible for speed of manifestation. They can be yours or someone else's emotions. If you attach emotion to something, you can greatly increase the speed of an outcome. Also, negative emotions are can block your progress of desired outcome while positive emotions help you heal it.Someone's negative emotions can be throwing negative energy at the situations. This card is positioned in element of Water and it asks you to pay very close attention to it because it can help you to solve your problems fast!

  5. Physical plane. This card is positioned in the element of Earth and it deals with physical. Think of actions or something that way done or can be done. This card can also show you what is happening now in regards to your question. Is someone doing something? Do things happen which you are not aware of? Was something done and you didn't know about it? Did you do something that plays out a role in this situation? Card 5 helps you answer that.

  6. Outcome. The final card of the Star spread is positioned at the top o the pentagram - at the element of Spirit. It shows you most likely outcome. But also, the Spirit is showing you how to improve your outcome, should you see something you don't like in this position. Look closely at the other cards and notice your solution.

Do you want to see how Star spread is interpreted in a real life? Click here to find out!

Four Card Tarot Spread:

four card tarot spread

Four card Tarot spread is very simple and down to the point. Interpreting it is very easy.

It is a very effective way to look for very practical solutions as well as quickly, yet deeply diagnosing the problem.

Let's look at the cards, their positions and meanings:

  1. Question. This card represents your question. Like with other Tarot spreads, it shows you energies surrounding your question. Since this spread has only 4 cards in it, pay close attention to this card because it may show you much more than you expected to see.

  2. Conscious mind. This card represents what is known. It shows you consciousness of the situation and your position in it. At the same time, it may show you what others know as well. It can be a great help or a block, depending on the intentions of others.

  3. Subconscious mind. The third card of this spread shows you deeper aspect of the situation. And usually, it is hidden as it did not surface up to the conscious awareness.... at least not until you laid out this card. This card can also show you something you don't know but others know, such as secrets. It can also show you the root of the problem which is hidden below your awareness.

  4. The outcome. Finally, you are able to see most likely outcome. However, the final and fourth card is asking you to pay a very close attention to it, just like the 1-st card. Why? Because it also wants to show you which action you may take in order to resolve a situation in your favor! It tells you: "No matter what's going on, become a winner - and let me show you how!"

Do you want to see Four Card Tarot Spread interpreted in action? Click here!

One Card Tarot Spread:

One Card Tarot Spread

One card Tarot spreads are used for multiple reasons. Here are just few of them:

  • To get a quick reading
  • Answer YES/NO questions (one of the spreads below show you more on that)
  • To summarize series of readings or to summarize one big reading
  • Check how day will go

Obviously, there are other used of a one card Tarot spread (which is not really a spread... it's just a one card layout).

To do this "spread" is very easy: ask your question as you shuffle a deck of cards and then, pull out one card.

Interpret the card.

That's it.

Nice and simple.

And if you want to know how I do variations of a one card Tarot spread, click here.

Love Spread:

Love Spread

First of all, there are many variations of love spreads in Tarot.

In here, I am giving you one of the most common variations that shows you a lot, yet it is easy to interpret.

Everything is simple and down to the point.

This love spread consists of 3 cards:

  1. Card one shows the feelings another person has towards you. It can be obvious feelings or hidden feelings. For example, they may like you, but they may be concerned if you like them. This card usually shows the most dominant feeling they have towards you.
  2. Card 2 shows the feelings you have towards that person. You may say: "I know my feelings!", but that card can also show you deeper feelings you may have, such as fears. For example, you may feel very attracted to that boy or girl, but you may have hidden fear or confusion. Don't be surprised if it comes up on this card.

  3. Card 3 shows an outcome of the love spread. It tells you where this relationship will most likely head or it will give you a suggestion on how to take it towards the direction you want it to go. It can also show you hidden obstacles, enemies and give you powerful advice to make things work in your favor.

If you want to see how this love spread is interpreted in real life, click here.

Money Spread:

Money Spread

This is 5 cards Tarot spread for money.

It is a very powerful spread that looks deep into your money situation. Please note that card 4 is laid out next to card 1 in this spread.

Let's look at how to interpret this money spread in order to have more money:

  1. Current financial situation. This card shows you energies surrounding your current financial situation. If you have money problems, you asking how to get more money, pay close attention to this card. Get the meaning it sends to you so you can start healing your financial situation right away.

  2. Will money be coming soon? Second card shows you if money are coming soon or not. If it does, you may just relax. But if it doesn't, you may want to look at this card and see what is blocking it. Remove this block and expect more money! That's the message of this card.

  3. Which major considerations you should take? Third card shows you what you want to know about your money situation in general and where you want to put your attention. For example, it can show you a big root of your money problems that may have contributed to this particular money situation. Or it may show you a big single action you can take to improve your money situation. While other cards show you energies related to this particular money question, third card covers more of your overall money situation.

  4. Sources of money. This card shows your best sources of money. Pay very close attention to it because it can also indicate sources of money you haven't thought of yet. But these sources can help you obtain money very easily. For example, does self-employment show up? Asking for a job promotion? Family help? Unexpected money? Money that may be hidden from you?

  5. Outcome. Finally, you are able to see the outcome. This card shows you where you are headed in a particular question about your money. It can also give you a great suggestion on how to improve your financial situation.

See how this money spread is interpreted in real life and learn more about money spreads.

YES/NO Question Spread:

Yes/No Tarot Spread

YES/NO question Tarot spreads are very easy - it is just a one card spread.

But interpreting them can be a bit difficult for some people.

However, it doesn't have to be that way. Let me explain why...

In order to gain success at interpreting YES/NO Tarot spreads, you need to set your own rules.

For example, which cards would represent "YES" for you and which cards would mean "NO".

There are several variation on how to do that:

  1. You can make a rule with yourself that positive cards would mean "YES" in your readings. For example, cards like Sun, Ace of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, etc would mean "YES". Cards like Devil, 9 of Swords, Tower, etc would mean "NO". And "neutral" cards like Fool, Temperance, 4 of Swords, etc would mean "MAYBE" or "YOUR CHOICE" or "POSSIBILITIES FOR YES AND NO". Again, keep in mind that "positive" and "negative" cards are your perception, therefore, YOU set the rules which ones are positive and negative.

  2. Another variation is to take about half of the deck and reverse the cards. Then, shuffle all the cards very well while asking your YES or NO question. You can set the rules that if you draw a reversed card, it would mean NO and if you draw non-reversed card, it would mean YES.

  3. Have a pendulum to check your answers. Ok, some people still have a hard time interpreting YES or NO questions. For example, someone can draw Lovers card and wonder if it is a solid YES or NO. That confusion can come because one of the general meanings of Lovers card is: choices. So, the person may thing of it as "probably yes, probably no". In that case, a pendulum can greatly help. Click here if you want to master working with pendulum in less than 5 minutes.

And if you want to see how I interpret YES/NO Tarot spreads, click here.

Custom Tarot Spreads:

Custom Tarot Spread

There are countless variations of custom spreads. In fact, you can compose one on the go.

Let me teach you how to do it in just seconds.

Ok, you have some sort of a question that you want to get answers for. Obviously, you are using a Tarot deck to get your answers.

As you shuffle your cards, think of a question and then, think of which card would represent what part of an answer.

For example, you have a question: "Is he cheating on me?"

Sure, you can do YES/NO spread on that question, but let's just say you want to explore it deeper.

So, as you shuffle your cards, you think:

"Card 1 will represent why I wonder"...

"Card 2 will represent what happens in reality, if he is cheating on me"...

"Card 3 will represent what else I would know in regards to this situation"...

And then, you lay out the cards: 1, 2 and 3. You can lay them out in any positions you like. Whatever feels comfortable to you. You may also ask the Spirit to guide you.

Ok, you laid out the cards. You look for answers... You got the answers. Great! Done!

But sometimes, answers may come a bit confusing or you may want to get more details.

Let's just assume that card 2 confuses you. You draw something that is not clear. Let's say you get Strength card there and you are unsure. In this context, Strength can mean something like: "He wants to but is holding back" or it can mean "hot, passionate sex". Depending on your practice with Tarot cards, this card may confuse a novice.

In that case, you can take Tarot deck in your hands, glance at card 2 and think to lay out additional card (card # 4) as a clarification for card # 2.

So, you just take Tarot deck in your hands and mentally ask: "I do not understand card # 2 very well and what it means in this context. Can you please clarify better for me?"

And you lay card # 4. Let's just say you draw King of Pentacles. In that case, it would be very safe to assume that "There is a a possibility and he is tempted (Strength), but he is being faithful (King of Pentacles)".

Keep in mind though that when you practice reading Tarot cards and learn the spreads, you also want to work with your INTUITION.

Don't just rely on card meanings themselves.

It is a great way to start with Tarot and learn custom spreads, but eventually, you want to increase working with your intuitive side. This is how you develop knowledge of when Devil card means "enemies attacking you" or it means "this is a limited belief you have due to low self-esteem".

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