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What Is A New Psychic Energy Disk And Why Is It Better Than  Edgar Cayce Cold Coin?

Ok, maybe you've heard of Edgar Cayce cold coin, maybe you haven't... It doesn't matter because I have... And it got me very interested because I knew it is a secret psychic tool.

I began the investigation and discovery of Edgar Cayce cold coin and began to get all the information I could about it.


Because I Needed (YES, NEEDED!)

When I got the ORIGINAL "recipe" for the cold coin, I also knew that it suppose to provide PSYCHIC DEFENSE!

And you know what? It did!

But then I thought...

"What if I can use my skill of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and create something better... Much better - dedicated to psychics and Tarot Card readers?"

I understood that beginner and even professional psychics and Tarot Card readers have 10 most common problems. 

Here are the 10 most common problems of psychics (see if you can spot if you have any...):

1. Not always getting the card meanings

2. Knowing what a Tarot Card means but not getting what it means for you in a particular reading

3. Getting confused with the combination of cards (for example, when you get Lovers and Tower for outcome)

4. You are getting drained by Tarot card readings

5. Confusion during and after the reading

6. If you read for clients, you get affected by their energy and even pick up negativity from them. You also sometimes get a client who drains you and unbalances you like a nasty psychic vampire! 

7. You just cannot "get" Tarot no matter how much you try. Or you get a conflict between success and failure of the ACCURACY of your Tarot readings

8. Speaking of accuracy, sometimes, during certain readings, you cannot get it fully at 100%!

9. You are EMPATH, and you are SENSITIVE! You need a complete PSYCHIC DEFENSE and psychic protection because even negative people can drain you! Did you know that empaths are direct targets of PSYCHIC VAMPIRES? Not just that - emotional vampires too! Just quickly run your experiences in your head and you'll instantly know what I am talking about!

10. Last but not least. You have a PSYCHIC BLOCK and you feel it! "It's is not there" is what you say when you do Tarot card readings. You cannot expand as a psychic to a HIGHER LEVEL OF AWAKENING! YOU ARE STUCK!

And there are other problems...

Working deeply with Remote Viewing (RV) and Remote Influencing (RI), I asked the Universe to provide a complete and total solution to ALL 10 mentioned problems above.

Usually, I would get the answer easy. But this time, it took me several very deep levels of RI and RV to get to the solution.

This is what I was trained for - to get the solution no matter what because it does exist. It's just I had to be very clear and very persistent this time.

To make a long story short, the Universe gave me a secret code and a secret formula to improve  Edgar Cayce cold coin and modify it to a new product called Kahuna Psychic Energy Disk. Or just Psychic Disk for short.

This is what it does:

1. It automatically unblocks your psychic blockages

2. It automatically provides you a complete psychic defense

3. It automatically connects you to the HIGHER levels of Astral plane where you get CLARITY and ACCURACY during your psychic readings

4. Because of that, you finally "get" the cards and you get their meanings

5. Tarot readings that used to be hard are now easy for you

6. Tarot readings that were confusing now become clear for you

7. You are no longer affected by anyone's negativity as an empath and at the end of the day, you stay protected!

8. You also get a MASSIVE PSYCHIC CHARGE!!!

9. Average good psychic accuracy is somewhere at around 60%. That's a good one! But is 60% good for you??? It is definitely NOT good for me! My psychic accuracy was tested in Atlanta, GA at 94.3% when I just began my psychic career. With the Psychic Disk, it is now very close to 100%. So can easily be yours if you just keep a Psychic Disk on you!

10. Finally, you become a SUPREME AWAKENED PSYCHIC who blasts Tarot readings like a pro, anytime, anywhere, all protected, un-infected, with complete clarity and understanding of a Tarot card meanings. And no vampire of any kind can ever break through your defenses anymore! You can finally BE YOURSELF! Comfortably!

All of that and so much more is now available to you with the help of a Psychic Disk!

Like one of my customers says "It's like getting instant psychic enlightenment"!

True. I agree. I sense it. I know it for sure.

That's because I got a secret hidden formula for it with the help of very deep RI and RV sessions.

Every, and I mean EVERY person who reads Tarot cards or practices any form of psychic divination tells me that they get instant results with it - a complete improvement in accuracy and understanding of Tarot card meanings.

And all the mentioned benefits plus so much more.

Every single psychic who got my Psychic Disk RAVES about it and I am absolutely not kidding you at all.

Why is this actually possible?

Well, let me tell you just a few secrets of why it is now possible.

First of all, I had to find the best material to make it  - special steel in Europe.

Second, I had to modify the size of it and make it bigger than Edgar Cayce cold coin in diameter and height.

Third, most importantly, I have to charge every single Psychic Disk for a customer BEFORE I make it!

Yes, it is HAND MADE from scratch by me. And the process of a psychic charge begins before I make you a Psychic Disk.

As a result, you get an invention that is made specifically for you and only you to become an instant professional psychic.

All you have to do is carry a Psychic Disk on you and you are golden!

I even had a customer (a professional psychic) who ordered 7 of my Psychic Disks for her relatives just to have a psychic defense against negativity and emotional vampires who drain sensitive people.

I also had one customer who said that they will test it for fun and now he wrote to me that he picks up what people think of him as well as their intentions. This way, he knows who is telling the truth and who is lying. Therefore, he feels much more confident doing business contracts.

One of the customers said that my Psychic Disk magically solved her love and money problems. And I know why - it's because it removes blocks on autopilot! That's what a Psychic Disk is made for!

It is a phenomenon in a modern psychic invention. It makes even a novice a professional Tarot reader! All the person needs is a desire and to carry a Psychic Disk!

Let me tell you -  Edgar Cayce cold coin is a very powerful invention. Don't get me wrong! But it is old. And new Psychic Disk is a massively modernized psychic invention that's designed to simply turn a "regular reader" into a professional psychic on autopilot! 

It does this job and so much more with 100% success rate!

You know what? I am proud of my invention. Very proud.

And I want to offer it to you so you can become a very proud psychic. A very proud Tarot Reader who reads on a pro-level like you've done it all your life.

You can also drop all your worries about getting affected by Astral nasties, psychic, emotional, time and all other sorts of vampires and you can forget picking up negativity from your clients or even Tarot readings themselves forever!

You no longer need to cleanse yourself! Psychic Disk does it for you.

You can also be proud of having it because yes, it does awaken you as a psychic on so many levels... And it also awakens your love life, money, wealth, sex and as Edgar Cayce said - your well-being too!

Edgar Cayce designed his "coin" to protect against flu, colds and psychic negativity. Yet, I left all of that there and added more... So much more that it's even hard to describe.

It's like a put the whole "Psychic Universe" in perfection in a Psychic Disk for you and ship it to you.

Yes, you can and should be proud to have it. Because it unlocks your life!

In a few days, a mailman will carry an envelope to you. There, you'll pull out your personal charged Psychic Disk. And you will instantly feel that now, something is different. Very different.

Your life will never be the same again. That's because once a Psychic Disk unlocks your supreme powers, you'll also be able to manifest at ease! Psychics and Tarot readers all over the World know that.

Law of Attraction can be in your pocket. Psychic Universe can be in your pocket. Keys to secret knowledge can be in your pocket.

Now imagine what you can do with all this power?

You can instantly pull out Tarot cards and see where your money are at...

You can instantly pull out Tarot cards and see how to solve any love or relationship problems...

You can instantly discover how to solve all the challenges that you face right now...

And instead of being average, you become SUPREME!


Look, you don't have to take my word for it. I want you to witness it yourself instead. I want you to personally experience all the benefits I stated of having a Psychic Disk as TRUTH! Maybe you already feel it...

Maybe you already even know it...

Maybe you sense the truth, integrity and most importantly - the power of benefits for YOU!

Let's make a deal now. As I said, I don't want you to just take my word for it because I am beyond the confident about my Psychic Disk. It passed all the tests in numerous, harshest psychic conditions by me, other supreme psychics and complete non-believers.

Novice Tarot readers rave about it too...

So, I know what it is. 

Let me ship you my Psychic Disk, hand-made by me, especially for you with complete nourishment of your feelings and you.

I want you to be so happy about having it that your life will change to the positive with the vertical improvement of a new-generation fighter jet take of... That's how fast you can get all the promised benefits just by having a Psychic Disk.

And if you are not happy - just ship your disk back and I will gladly refund your money. If you are not happy with it - I do not want your money. I am a professional and reputable psychic who is very well-known in my circle.

So, let me nourish you with my invention and if you are not happy - just ship it back to me and I will gladly refund your money.

However, I am very confident about you that sometime in the near future, you'll fully feel and know that this is one of the best and smartest investments you ever made in your life.

I am serious.

This is how the process works.

Everything is very simple.

You simply order your Psychic Disk and I will hand-make it for you from scratch using special European steel.

Then, I will need about 2 - 3 weeks to charge it for you. This is where real magic and miracles begin. I will need your name, photo and date of birth to charge it. You'll just email it to me after I will personally contact you after your order.

Then, I will personally test your Psychic Disk to make sure it functions at 100% for you and finally - ship it to you with the very simple instructions on how to use it. Basically, all you have to do is carry it with you.

As I said, I want to nourish your psychic side and contribute only to the best for your life. I want you to be very happy. If for some reason you are not - as I said - just ship your disk back and I will gladly refund your money. No questions asked. 100% guaranteed.

However, I just feel and know that with my Psychic Disk, your life will change for the best! And that you'll be able to read Tarot cards like a pro - that's at the very least!

That's my promise to you!

Order your Psychic Disk right now and witness the real miracles in Psychic Universe yourself!

Don't wait, don't hesitate, don't doubt.

Order your Psychic Disk right now and you will get much closer and faster to your dreams and goals in life.

Why waste time if you are fully covered by my guarantee?

And for me, it is a big pride to help you become a SUPREME PSYCHIC!

The more supreme psychics we have in this World, the better life becomes! Supreme psychics are able to cause miracles for themselves and others.

Look at me... Former taxi driver who was broke... Became psychic. Then Magick practitioner. Then Reiki healer. Then, a very well trained RI and RV practitioner. 

Later, got 2 certificates as. One as a Ho'oponopono Advanced Practitioner and another as a Life Coach. 

Instead of driving a cab, I also quit a prestigious university and began to help people. 

As a result, I did over 2000 Tarot readings, close to 1000 Magick spells for all sorts of problems and well over 1000 RI and RV sessions.

I also wrote several books and one of my best sellers is A Prayer That Always Works.

Imagine the impact I created in this World by serving over 1000 clients for all sorts of needs. Love problems, money problems, business problems, psychic defense, Spirit attachments, possessions, exorcisms, liquidated many evil magicians by suspending their powers, entered a harsh psychic competition in Atlanta and got a 2-nd place when I was a novice competing against 25+ years of experience psychics... And that's just a very small part of the very big story.

And if you think that maybe I am special and you are not, if you are thinking that maybe you cannot have results like I have - let me tell you very honestly - all you need is a desire.

All I had is a desire and I dropped doubts. Basically, I just had no choice. And the reason I got to that nasty point is because I had too many doubts before!

I did not have a Psychic Disk like I have now. I wish I would have it!

And look - now I came up with a super invention in the Psyhic field! 

You can do the same and even better. Obviously, your path is different than mine, yet - we have so much in common.

I did "this and that" and you will do "this and that" too with your life path. Feel free to do better than what I did because my goal in life is not to compete, but to follow my path by helping people like you to become supreme psychics and miracle creators.

Imagine the impact you can have in your life and the World!

So, don't wait. I did that mistake. I honestly did. I waited and hesitated before I decided to enter into metaphysics professionally. Don't do my mistake. Grab your chance to unlock, unblock and to completely unleash yourself as a supreme psychic - and you'll never look back again!

All of that and so much more is possible for YOU (Yes, Personally YOU!!!) with the Psychic Disk that I'll make for you.

Now, the choice is fully yours.

Master PlutoCraft

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