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How To Read Tarot Cards For Love, Money, Sex, Relationships And So Much More!

Learn deep Divine secrets of unlimited possibilities with Tarot
and know how it all works!

Tarot is not just for reading for the problems. It is used for healing them! And let's face it - it's the ultimate goal!

Isn't it?

So, how do you read Tarot?

Reading Tarot cards is very simple. If you know how to do it simple...

The major problem people make is they over-complicate things.

Are you asking any of the following questions when you read Tarot cards?

"Did I draw the right card?"

"Was that the right spread I used?"

"Do I understand the meaning of the card correctly?"

"Why is this card look so bad if my question is about good stuff"

"Why do I get the court card (King, Queen, Knight, Page) when my situation has nothing to do with people?"

"Why Do I always have to doubt myself!!!??? Why is this so complicated? Why can others do it so easily and I can't?"

If you ask any of these questions, you are obviously over-complicating your readings.

But guess what?


Even the most experienced Tarot readers STILL doubt some of the answers.

Sometimes, answers come in a pretty complicated form because a certain situation may seem simple, but it may not be simple at all.

Let me give you an actual example of the situation that once occurred to me.

One of my friends had medical examination to become a licensed practitioner and called me to see if she will pass a medical exam tomorrow.

I drew following cards: Devil, Ace of Cups, 9 of Wands and a Tower.

At the first glance - OUCH!!! Not so good... Especially with a Devil right in the beginning (which is usually the most powerful part of the answer). The first thought that popped in my head was: "You will pass it but barely".

Please also note, I did not use any spreads. I just drew few cards...

I told her this: "I see that there will definitely be challenges. But go for it, do your best and it should all turn out ok. Just make sure you do your best". I had a great feeling NOT to tell her that she will pass it barely.

It sounds like a vague answer I gave her, but this is exactly the answer Universe told me to tell her. I did not want to get into details. The main part of the answer way "Do your best".

What happened later?

She did go for an exam and passed it with just 1 point ahead of the failure. In other words, if she would get just 1 point less, she would fail. That's why "DO YOUR BEST!!!" was a very important part of the answer!

How did Devil card get there? As I found out later, she did not study well. That is self-imposed restriction which is often symbolized in a Tarot Devil card.

What about 9 of Wands? That's stamina. As she told me she was trying very, very hard... That's stamina.... That's our 9 of Wands.

And Ace of Cups? Happiness! Success! I also connect this card to a successful medical healing. Ace of Cups is generally a healing card and it does deal with medical + Spiritual aspects.

Do you now see how "simple" question can turn more complex?

So, how do YOU read Tarot cards? There is no simple answer to this question. There are many ways to read Tarot cards. But one of my general rules is this: do NOT over-complicate it. Make it simple. Simplicity rules your success in Tarot. Even if it does see complex.

In my Tarot course I explain all these things and prepare people for immaculate Tarot readings. Or if you want to get many steps ahead, you can also checkout my psychic attunement that I can do for you.

How To Use Tarot Cards

Is reading Tarot cards and using Tarot cards same?


Using Tarot cards is a bit different.

It signifies a procedure of act that you perform before you are doing a reading.

For example, shuffling Tarot cards, laying out the spread, caring for your Tarot cards and knowing what you want to use them for falls into a realm of using Tarot cards. It is very similar to reading them.

Here are just few of the other examples on how Tarot cards can be used:

  • Obviously, you can use them for readings.

  • You can also use Tarot cards to cast spells. They carry certain energies that can be transferred to a certain target (person) for a certain purpose. For example, if you want to have more money, you can take Sun card, Ten of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles cards. Then, you lay them in a row, you write your name on the piece of paper and put it at the end of the row, so it touches the card. Finally, you put quartz crystal on the top for energy and you leave this spell running for as long as you want. In fact, you can add other cards to it as well. It will serve as a magnet for the energies to get attracted to you (such as money energies).

  • You can use Tarot cards for brainstorming. A lot of people do it. Even those that do not believe in psychic phenomena. Some businessmen and businesswomen have a deck of Tarot cards and when they have a challenge, they would draw a card out of the deck to expand their thinking abilities. They may even refer to the mini-book included with a Tarot deck to see what that card means.

  • For fun. Some people, especially teenagers, use Tarot cards for fun. Teenage girls would draw a card when asking a question about a particular boy and then fantasize what it could mean. Little do they know, more often than not, they ARE actually doing a legitimate Tarot readings. It's just they treat it as fun.

But I assume you ask this question because you do want to do legitimate, powerful and accurate readings. So, to make the answer simple, this is what you do:

  1. You pull out all the cards from the box

  2. You knock on them 3 times to remove all unwanted energies

  3. You pick up a deck and start shuffling it. While you do that, you concentrate on your question

  4. You lay out your desired spread

  5. You flip the cards you laid out to see what you got there

  6. You start feeling the feelings and get the meanings

  7. And finally, you do the interpretation

This is how I personally do it. Some readers divide the deck after shuffling with a left hand. Some don't. I don't...

How Do Tarot Cards Work

Tarot cards consist of a deck.

A deck has cards. Usually, it is 78 of them.

There can also be blank cards for various purposes, but I never use them.

Each deck has 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Minor Arcana cards consist of 4 suits.

Each card, no matter what it is, represents certain unique energies.

The major difference between Major and Minor Arcanas is that Major Arcana represents more powerful energies.

For example, The Sun card is a Major Arcana card. 4 of Cups is a Minor Arcana card.

If you ask a question: "Will my business be successful?" and you draw The Sun card, then the answer is - YES!!!

If you draw 4 of Cups - then the answer is most likely NOT - and you will have to find out why (you can do this using Tarot cards).

If you ask a question like: "Does he like me?" and draw The Sun card and 4 of Cups cards simultaneously, then you can make a conclusion: "He definitely likes me, it's just sometimes he fees sad". You can use Tarot cards to find out WHY he feels sad which may have nothing to do with you.

When you ask a question and shuffle cards, your subconscious mind helps you to pick up the right cards based on your question. Then, using conscious and subconscious minds you interpret the meaning.


Remember I just said - using conscious and subconscious minds you interpret the meaning?

For most people, this is the hardest task. That's because they can draw some card and feel that something isn't right, but they can't understand what it is exactly.

Feeling that something is not right comes from subconscious mind.

Understanding (logic) of what feels wrong comes from the conscious mind.

Most people have conscious and subconscious mind disbalance and that's when psychic attunements help a lot!

So, usually, it is not that Tarot cards themselves are "wrong" - it's that a person cannot CONSCIOUSLY understand the MEANING BEHIND THE FEELING!

Another way to help resolve this challenge, spreads are being used. Because cards are assigned certain logical positioning (like card # 1 means past and card # 2 means present, etc) - logical brain has little bit less problem to make a meaning out of "this whole mess".

Another problem is that many people do not trust themselves. Again, mistrust happens because there is a disbalance between conscious and subconscious minds. In fact, such a mistrust happens not only while reading Tarot cards - it goes in nearly ALL areas of life!

That's why people who are psychically attuned usually achieve much more and much faster in life. It's like they know where money, love, sex and whatever they want is. They FEEL where it is, how to get it and when it to get, because their whole mind is balanced in harmony.

In fact, most of these people don't even need Tarot cards. I am at the point when I can just ask a question and without even picking up a deck - I will get a visual of a certain card with all the meanings - and I know the answer in just seconds.

That's why I highly encourage people to learn Tarot and develop psychic abilities. Can you only imagine what you can do once you get in such super-psychic states?

Once you have your conscious and subconscious mind in balance (psychically attuned), you too will JUST KNOW.

I decided to dedicate a lot of my time helping people who want to become super psychics.

If you want to tap into secrets of the Universe, attract things you want, heal the problems automatically, even improve your physical appearance due to new flows of healing energies - then I highly encourage you to check out my
psychic attunement service.

So, to make a conclusion on how Tarot cards work, know how YOU work! Really, it is not about the cards - it is all about you and only you!

How Tarot Cards Can Help

By now, you know much more how Tarot cards can help. Let's quickly recap what you can do with Tarot cards:

  • Readings
  • Spells
  • Brainstorming
  • Have fun
  • and get Spiritual awakening

But this is just a tip of an iceberg.

For example, you can also heal with Tarot cards. Whenever you see a problem that appears in a reading, you can ask God to heal it for you - right on the spot! And it does work!

Tarot cards can also help you access what's called collective unconscious realms.

For examples, villages, cities, states, countries and the whole Universe has collective unconscious.

But why would you ever want to do that?

Here are just examples of why you may want to do it:

  • Know which areas (cities, villages) will be prosperous or not

  • Know how your life will be after you move somewhere

  • Check compatibility of the certain land's energy with yours (for example, you can check how Chicago's energy will be compatible with your love, financial and sex life)

  • Get to know the guardian Spirits of certain areas

  • Go in a far, far past and check for history (for example, if you are buying an old house or even a new house on an old land... what is it was built on a burial land???)

  • Ask for solutions that are not developed yet (getting into a far future)

  • Check for investments (which investments will be profitable and which won't)

  • And there is so, so much more!

For example, once, my buddy asked me to check him for weather for his charity race. He wanted to know which day he can get the most miles easiest. He gave me 3 dates when he can race and asked to check for the best one. Knowing that he performs very well in heat, I selected a date for him.

I told him "Do not race a day earlier, I see darkness and misery for you. It looks cloudy and wet".

Guess what? On that date, it was heavy rain. Next day when he raced - it was sunny and pleasant!

Knowing him, racing in a rain and heavy clouds would be a misery!

How About $1,600,000.00+ ???

Another person wanted to get a lot of money out of his investment. He asked me to build him a strategy using Tarot cards.

He was starting out with very low money but wanted to get wealth and get it pretty quick. He was in debt and other investors were pressing on him very hard to pay it back.

Using Tarot cards, I designed a very precise strategy:

  1. What to say to each investor

  2. Which investors are just scaring him and which ones are serious

  3. Which investors want more than just money (exposed their secrets)

  4. Where it would be wise to invest

  5. Out of all the new potential investors, which ones are serious and which ones are just blah, blah...

  6. Which Magick spells and Remote Influence I can do for him to help his situation (yes, I am a professional Magick practitioner and well-trained in Remote Viewing & Influencing)

  7. And provided him frequent guidance using Tarot

Within just days, he reported that ALL old investors backed off him and gave him more time....

And then, he got hundreds of thousands of dollars of NEW investments

And finally, he got over $1,600,000.00 invested in his small business!

That's how Tarot cards can help you too!!!

And please, don't even ask me how many times I read for people about "who loves whom", "how to get in bed with this girl or guy", "how can I get my ex back", "what does he or she truly think of me", "who is a true enemy and friend", "is he or she cheating on me" - and so on - because I seriously lost count!

One of my Tarot decks is nearly worn out from all the readings. Good thing I have over 7 different decks.

This is something I am doing for years and it became a second nature. And remember what I said on my main page of this website? I said - I was just a miserable taxi driver a few short years ago.

That's how Tarot cards can help!!!

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