The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics

Arcana: Major

Number: 16

Planetary energies: Mars

Major meaning: Collapse

Quick message: Sudden change that's hard to avoid

Positive influence: think of a saying:"a weight is falling off of your shoulders"

Negative influence: self-inflicted loss

Personality strengths: fearless individual who lives creative lifestyle. Even though this person may acquire things that are not needed, he or she can easily let them go without feeling regret. This person's motto is "whatever happens, it all happens for the better". Someone who enjoys sports (usually, combat sports) and knows how to channel an aggression out using healthy physical ways.

Personality weaknesses: a person with great deal of suppressed negative emotions: rage, jealousy, envy, fears, anger, resentments... Someone who goes through self-destruction and may cause harm to others, either it is intentional or not. Individual who lives hard life or goes through hard period in life. Changes are usually negative and painful for this person. Someone who is prone to infidelity.

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