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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

ATTENTION: Love problems? Money problems, or another crisis? Have the Tarot Cards given you bad news? An unpleasant outcome?

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A few Quick Characteristics of Temperance are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 14

Planetary Energies: Jupiter

Major Meaning: This isn't a good time to be impulsive. It's far better to wait until you have given the situation a lot more thought, and found a more balanced approach.

Quick Message: Being kind, and compassionate will help you manifest your dreams.

Positive Influence: The ability to see someone else's point of view, and consider it before acting.  A person who has great relationships, or enjoys abundance in his or her own life. Meditation, and prayer.

Negative Influence: A lack of self-confidence. Feeling trapped, and unable to find your authentic self or true purpose. A person who may be anxious or depressed. Bad luck; lies, or misunderstandings that have led to too much bad energy in your life.

Personality Strengths: Optimism. Self-restraint, and controlled emotions. A strong balance between your physical self, and spirituality. Not being afraid to ask for help from the Universe; Spirit Guides, or Higher Beings when you need to. 

Personality Weaknesses: Low self-esteem. A lack of integrity. Telling lies. Poor communication skills in talking to others, or getting your message across by mobile phone or email.

Temperance For Love

This card may be asking you to look at what has gone wrong in the love area, or relationships in your life. Why things have fallen apart when you used to enjoy being with the person, or others you are thinking of. It could have been for any number of reasons, but if you dig deep enough into the past you'll find the answers. 

Having good communication skills will be important in healing the rift between you. So try to explain how you feel in a quiet, and measured way. Thinking about the conversation you would like to have with the other person, before it takes place. Choose a neutral environment where both of you feel comfortable. Not trapped! Also, try not to be drawn into any further arguments, but speak or send messages that are kind and loving. In doing this you'll show that you understand the other person's position, and how they are feeling. Their reaction to you may not be coming from hate or wishing you ill, but pain. Possibly similar to your own, but which again has been expressed through anger and harsh words. 

Remember too that mending what has gone wrong, including finding the love you thought you had lost, can take time and effort. Your true self or soul being will know whether this is right for you. Whilst understanding how you really feel doesn't always happen overnight, and acting from impulse now could easily make matters worse.

Temperance For Sex

Unless you have agreed beforehand that you are in an open relationship, in which having other sexual partners or one night stands will be acceptable, isn't being faithful to each other expected? If either of you has been cheating this will more than likely have brought some negative energy into your relationship from guilt or fear of loss.  

Don't be too hasty in abandoning a sexual partner. Think about it first. Why do you feel a connection to a particular person? Is it simply lust, or something else? If you want to sort things out with him or her, forgiveness might well be part of the healing process before you can make a fresh start.

Temperance For Money

The Temperance card could be asking you to look at your relationship with money. Perhaps you don't have quite enough to buy what you desperately want, and are tempted to use a credit card? Without knowing how much extra this will cost you in the long run, after you have repaid all of the interest, or how long it will take to do. Could you buy something else instead which is within your budget, and serve the same purpose as the more expensive item? 

It's important to have a good balance between the money we receive, and spend. Even a small amount saved can be helpful later, if the unexpected happens.

Temperance For Spell Work & Energy Correction

When things aren't going well in life, the flow of negative and positive energy is usually out of balance. Our spirituality may also have been weakened in some way, possibly by toxic people attaching themselves to us. 

If you are unable to repair the damage yourself and heal, you might find that a Magick Spell will give you the extra boost and support you need. It can be used to bring the results you want a lot quicker. Without being harmful to you, or anyone else. A Prayer That Always Works can help you get on the right track again spiritually.

Temperance For General Outcome

If you want to be happy, and who doesn't, it's time to reset the energy balance in the areas of life where you are struggling? To do this you'll need to be in touch with your own, unique power. It can take time for any of us to understand how to go about this. Nevertheless when our spirituality or inner being is strong enough, and we believe in the right values, this allows our authentic self to shine through. Making us more successful, and balanced as people, in the different areas of our lives.

Imagine feeling calm, and having inner peace. Believing that love; kindness, and compassion will make it much easier to deal with the challenges. Doesn't that sound great? Won't it help your relationships with others? Self-knowledge and a strong connection to your spirituality, not only your physical body, will be an enormous help to you in having a good life. 

Remember too that the Angels; Higher Beings, or Universe only want what is best for us and are asking you to call on them whenever you need to.

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