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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of The Sun are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Quick Characteristics

Arcana: Major

Number: 19

Planetary Energies: Sun

Major Meaning: You are succeeding in ways you didn't think were possible. A happy time when you are blessed with abundance.

Quick Message: Public recognition for past endeavors, and great personal insight.

Positive Influence: A charismatic and attractive person who charges others with positive energy and strength. Wisdom.

Negative Influence: Someone who is lethargic; lazy, or doesn't have a lot of good energy to get up and take action. It's difficult to spend time with this person because of his or her negativity. 

Personality Strengths: Confidence. Being imaginative, and creative with new ideas. Optimism. Clarity, and knowledge. Intelligence. Generosity, and kindness. A radiant personality, and positive attitude. Belief in abundance, instead of scarcity. Taking time to make decisions, but also having the ability to be spontaneous when the situation doesn't seem to be too risky. Concentration, and being able to focus on what needs to be done.

Personality Weaknesses: Narcissism. Selfishness. Someone who uses others for his or her own benefit, to get what he or she wants. Hiding behind a fake persona in relationships with others. Possibly a person who has multiple sexual partners, and cheats.

The Sun For Love

This will be a happy time for you and life will become easier, including your relationships. However, the Sun card can also indicate a narcissist or someone with a strong ego whom it might not be easy to spend time with. If you are kind and generous, which this card can also represent, it could mean that he or she is taking advantage of your good nature. 

Although it comes natural to you to be caring and considerate, you need to be wary and look after yourself in this relationship. Don't feel guilty about doing it. What is happening may be making you feel torn. He or she will more than likely seem to be a wonderful person at times, and an amazing sexual partner. Causing you on the one hand to feel fortunate that you met, until his or her darker side surfaces again. Leaving you even more confused and uncertain the longer the relationship continues.

The Sun For Sex

The Sun card can represent a person who has a high sex drive so is fantastic to be with. Whilst the negative aspect of the card could mean that someone close to you is finding it difficult to be faithful. He or she is continually on the lookout for others to satisfy this need, and what could possibly have turned into an addiction. 

As with all of the tarot cards, the Sun card needs to be interpreted in conjunction with the others in the spread to discover its true meaning.

The Sun For Money

If you have been thinking about improving your financial situation, then now is a good time to focus on making this a reality. The Sun points to abundance, so more money and success! 

Stay positive, and take advantage of any opportunities you have.

The Sun For Spell Work & Energy Correction

If you would like to boost the advantages and success the Sun card represents, then you might like to cast an Abundance Spell. Maybe you are still struggling because of having too much bad or negative energy around you, then a Magick Spell could again be what you need. 

Magick has the power to help you in any area of your life, without harming you or anyone else, provided it is done correctly. If you don't feel confident enough to cast a spell, then you can always ask someone else to do this for you. A lot of people are taking advantage of its benefits. Getting more of what they really want, and even having this much quicker than they thought possible!

The Sun For General Outcome

Being outside in the sunlight has the power to make us feel much better, and give us the boost we need. The effects of the Sun card are similar. However, as you have seen from the above meanings, there may be a darker side to it. So you might still need to be wary. 

If you have been working on your own personal development and growth it's time now to reap the rewards of this, and stay positive. The card also indicates that your health is likely to be vibrant, or improving. You are on the right path for spiritual enlightenment.

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