Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics

Arcana: Major

Number: 19

Planetary energies: Sun

Major meaning: Happiness

Quick message: Better times are on the way and achieving happiness is easy!

Positive influence: optimism, prosperity, great times, relaxation, clarity, pleasure and high sex drive.

Negative influence: ego-centrism and narcissism

Personality strengths: generous person who knows how to take care of others. Great lover. Someone who makes people happy through radiant, abundant, intelligent nature. This person lives in a great deal of clarity and takes time to make decisions, yet feels safe to be spontaneous where risks are low. Very energetic person who "charges" others with strength. Very charismatic and attractive. Sun usually represents a male.

Personality weaknesses: narcissist who acts out of own ego. Uses other people to achieve personal ego goals. May appear as very carrying, charismatic and genuine - yet, all of it is created persona to create false impressions. May also indicate a person who "sleeps around" to fulfill personal ego.

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