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Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Queen of Wands are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Court Card

Element: Fire

Major meaning: Dramatic

Quick message: Balanced independence and strong inner-connection

Positive influence: Enthusiastic energy with directed focus

Negative influence: Addiction to drama, selfishness and scattered actions

Personality strengths: Sexual, vibrant, goal-oriented, sophisticated, modern, balanced

Personality weaknesses: Uncontrolled sexuality, trust issues, doing too much at once, overly argumentive

Queen of Wands For Love

One of the blessings of Queen of Wands in love department is a great balance between devotion and independence.

Queen of Wands signifies people and unions as harmonious, responsible, energetic, action-oriented and focused. Queen of Wands appears in personalities and relationships that are anything but boring.

Of course, drama can be expected too. Not necessarily a bad side of drama but rather "something is always going on" type of progression.

Queen of Wands is a great omen for relationships. It signals enthusiasm and goal-orientation towards building a better future. People and relationships represented by this card also show great deal of dynamics: they can have their major life arenas under control and there is no lack of energy to overcome obstacles.

This Tarot card also signifies sexual people. This means that sex plays one of the major keys when it comes to a romantic relationship. Queen of Wands, either it is drawn for male, female or relationship itself nearly screams for hot and passionate sex to sustain relationship energies flowing.

Personalities represented by Queen of Wands do not like to stay alone for long periods of time. As soon as they become single, they nearly instantly start to seek a new companion. They rarely have lack of friends and romantic partners available.

Another great qualities of such personalities represent great wives (or husbands). Remember that Wands usually represent energy and Queen deals with a feminine aspect of this energy.

Queen of Wands For Sex

Strong sexual desires and spirit of adventure are main characteristics of Queen of Wands in sexual department.

When it comes to sex, this card indicates that you will give and receive one of the best sexual experiences. Feel safe to open up to your fantasies because with Queen of Wands, anything is possible! Judgement is not one of her qualities. While she is prone to drama, judgement is not something that attracts her on the core level.

You may experiment new sexual possibilities that you never explored before. Or you may enjoy endless counts of sex in the places you never though you would do it at.

Queen of Wands has great comfort in her body - therefore, you may forget about insecurities.

She is the one who may approach you first without feeling any shame. She definitely knows what she wants and most importantly - how to get it. Should there be a refusal - all her arsenal of seductive tricks will go into play.

If she cannot seduce mentally, she will seduce emotionally. If that fails, expect a raw sexual energy that is nearly impossible to resist. The way she dresses and uses her body language arouses others from the distance.

Start talking to her and her voice with seductive eyes will draw you in like one of the most powerful sex magnets. Within no time, all you will be thinking is how to engage in a sexual intercourse with her.

Queen of Wands can be characterized as "angelic-looking girl who is devil in flesh" - in a good way.

At least, more often than not, she is serious about taking sexual relationships to the next level. It's just her way may be trying to start a relationship through sex first because sex is extremely important to her.

Queen of Wands can also give a very strong signal for fertility. It can represent a female who wants to get pregnant, even if she does not think of it much.

Queen of Wands For Money

Queen of Wants represents following career and business ventures: entrepreneurship, clothes, cosmetics, fashion, design, metaphysics and Spirituality, arts and crafts.

One of the key aspects of Queen of Wands is strong independence and over-abundance of energy to achieve it. For example, it can easily represent a person with experience in certain field who is ready to start her own business. And guess what? She has an over-flow of energy to overcome even the harshest obstacles. Yet, her energy starts to re they even appear.

Another great quality of this card is excellent cooperation in a teamwork. Even if it is only two business partners, Queen of Wands indicates harmonious duo.

Just keep something in mind: when it comes to Queen of Wands, you do not want to test her temper-tantrums. She may turn things into a heavy drama or even worse - she may simply abandon the project and leave to the place where she will feel valued and appreciated.

This card is a great financial omen. It is extremely good omen for pretty much any business.

Queen of Wands For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

In spell work, Queen of Wands represents Crown of Success Spell in conjunction with Venus Astrological Spell. Both are done on Friday, preferably on New or Full Moon.

These spells are done for the purpose of knocking down unseen obstacles to ensure even clearer path to success of any kind - be it in business, love, sex, protection or anything you can think of. Because Queen of Wands possesses very strong, raw, fiery energy, it is an excellent idea to balance it with more feminine Venus and kill two rabbits at once: activate Law of Attraction in conjunction with Law of Creation to achieve goals even smoother, easier and faster!

While Crown of Success spell aids in creation, Venus Astrological Spell aid in attraction. Queen of Wands is a great omen on it's own, but with these spells - sky is the limit!

Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love... Or maybe you want to double or triple your income... Or start a successful business... Or have powerful psychic protection... Or whatever else it may be - then you MUST check out spell work information and you too can create DESIRED REALITY rather than living at the mercy of the circumstances.

Queen of Wands For General Outcome

Expect miracles!

Deep transformation of Queen of Wands destroys old and creates new!

Here is a very powerful advice: if you draw this card in outcome position or any other position but still feel puzzled at how to achieve something that you want, seek outside help of a professional. Better yet, find a credible female who is passionate to help you with the challenge.

Queen of Wands signals you great outcome no matter what. But it is strongly up to you how great you want to have it. This card rarely suggests tackling a task on your own. It rather calls you to draw on external resources and help of other people who, most likely, easily available to you.

Queen of Wands also sends a strong signal to seek council of a Spiritual adviser, reputable spell caster, astrologist or occultist. If you are into a religion, Queen of Wands strongly suggests to make a trip to your church and pray for your goals, asking God to help you. You may also consult with a pastor or your trusted Spiritual leader.

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