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Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Queen of Pentacles are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Earth

Major Meaning:  Good at dealing with challenges

Quick Message: Enjoying time spent with others

Positive influence: Quick to help someone in need, or lend a hand

Negative influence: Greed

Personality strengths: Kindness, and compassion

Personality weaknesses: Coveting another's wealth, or possessions

Queen of Pentacles For Love

This card represents someone who is good at problem solving. Whilst being kind, and clever. She might give too much of herself away in helping others, and focus on their needs before her own. That's because she is generous, and warm hearted.

The Queen of Pentacles is reminding you to enjoy the time you spend with others, and have fun.  You have a lot you can give to family, friends, and those less fortunate. You are great at solving problems, and are a down to earth type of person. Willing to do anything for anyone. Always available, you handle situations with confidence, and resourcefulness. People regard you as someone to rely on.

Family life is very important to you, and home is the place where you find love. You love children, and animals. You enjoy beautiful things, and being surrounded by them especially in your home.  

As with all of Nature's balances there is however another side to the Queen of Pentacles. If you see something you want which isn't yours, you can become jealous and covet the object of your affections. Sometimes the behaviour of the Queen can make others feel as if she is too good to be true, and they feel overwhelmed or smothered by her kindness.

Queen of Pentacles For Sex

The Queen of Pentacles is a sensuous, and generous woman. This good energy flows into her sexual relationships, making them passionate and loving. If you enjoy home comforts then she is the ideal partner for you. Both in, and out of the bedroom!

Good sexual relationships are based on trust, but the darker energy of the Queen of Pentacles is warning you that she might not be entirely trustworthy, and may give away your secrets 

She might also be the one who is giving the most in your sexual relationship, and can become dissatisfied because of that. If you want the relationship to continue, it's important to bear this in mind. 

Queen of Pentacles For Money

You are excellent when dealing with money, and if you have enough, will share what you have giving donations to charity.

You will always put your children first, and make sure that their needs are met before your own. If you are in a relationship, you might be letting your partner spend what he or she likes whilst you do without, or have less when it comes to you. 

Queen of Pentacles For Spell Work And Energy Correction

You might not have thought about casting a spell to boost your life, and happiness. Also find it surprising that a lot of people do this, and that it can help. 

If you would like to bring more love or money into your life, there are spells to attract this. A Love Spell or Money Spell. You can cast the spell yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. Especially if you haven't cast a spell in the past, or don't feel confident about doing it yourself. 

If done in the right way spell casting isn't harmful, and might well bring what you want and need into your life. It is also possible to cast a Binding Spell, but that isn't often recommended. Certainly not if you want to take another's love when they haven't given it freely to you. It might however be possible to use this spell if your partner has strayed, but it should still be considered very carefully before being cast. 

Queen of Pentacles For General Outcome

Whether the Queen of Pentacles you have drawn in a reading represents you or someone else, it will still be a part of you. Her energy may come into your life through a friend or family member, but she is telling you to look within to find your nurturing side.

Do you look after yourself? Have you developed your creative talents, or ignored them? Are you kind to yourself, or only other people?

A good life is a balanced one. All of us have a part to play in achieving this. Others will often treat us how we allow them to, and being kind to ourselves can make us feel much happier.

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