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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of The Lovers are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 6

Planetary Energies: Venus, Mercury

Major Meaning: You have a lot of opportunities, and options to consider. Not all of the decisions or choices you make now will be in the love area of your life.

Quick Message: It's important to think carefully before deciding what to do next. 

Positive Influence: A passionate lover. Marriage. Weddings. Good health.

Negative Influence: Listening too closely to another person or others who are influencing your decisions for their own reasons. A manipulative friend, lover, or family member.

Personality Strengths: Showing kindness, and compassion. Honest. Trustworthy. Being able to express your feelings, and talk about them with someone close to you. 

Personality Weaknesses: Dishonesty. Cheating, being unfaithful. The ability to hide multiple sexual partners from each other. Allowing lust, or an obsession to overcome your better judgment. Causing you to make the wrong decisions.

The Lovers For Love

Drawing this card may mean that you are thinking about an intimate relationship, and someone who is close to you or has been in the past. This may not be sexual, but platonic so can be in any area of your life. A friend, family member, or business associate. You need to talk and communicate with this person, as you have some difficult choices to make. What does he or she think about the situation you are in, or even wish to be part of your future? It's important to explore all of the possibilities before you decide how to move forward.

Consider your options carefully as they have the power to affect the rest of your life. The Lovers card can also mean that you are receiving Divine help and guidance, to manifest the soulmate partnership you have always dreamed of. If that's the case, why not join a dating site or group where you'll meet the type of person you want to spend time with and can eventually love?

The Lovers For Sex

If you have more than one lover at the same time it's your decision to make, provided that what you are doing isn't based on dishonesty. Or those who are in a polygamous relationship with you believe they are the only one, because you have been economical with the truth. If the one you are cheating with is married to someone else, this person is also being deceived by you.

The Lovers card is warning you that behaving in this way can affect your karma, and draw bad energy to you. Even result in you losing the one you really want to be with. Great sex is about having fun, and it's good for your health. But having an obsession with it, a particular person, or lover could turn into an illness.

The Lovers For Money

If the most important decision you need to make is about money, again you should consider all of your options carefully before deciding what to do next. Are you selfish with it, keeping the majority of what you earn for yourself, or do you readily share what you have with family and friends? The Lovers card is about having the right balance in your life, and your attitude to money is an important part of this. 

If you are too selfish, it could prevent the flow of money from adding as much as it might have done to your existing funds. Whereas being too free and easy with spending can also be to your detriment. Remember that money is a tool enabling you to lead the best life possible, have what you want and need, now and in the future.

The Lovers For Spell Work & Energy Correction

Magick can be especially helpful in the love area of your life, but it isn't right to cast a spell to influence someone else's free will and take him or her from another person for your benefit. A Love Spell; Money Spell, or Abundance Spell needs to be cast for the right reasons to draw good energy to you and help create a balance in these particular areas. 

Remember that when magick is done properly it won't be harmful to you or others. Lots of people have asked someone else to cast a spell for them, and benefited greatly from doing this.

The Lovers For General Outcome

Love is definitely in the air for you, but how this works out in your life depends on the choices you make. You may need to focus on your personal development first, before you can find the man or woman of your dreams. Look at your past relationships to see what went wrong. If you played any part in this, then try to make sure the same mistakes or misunderstandings won't happen again. 

The Lovers card also means that you are receiving these choices from your Higher Beings, or the Universe which only wants the best for you. Sometimes it can take time for what you want to happen, and other things develop or change before it becomes possible.

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