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Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Knight of Wands are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Court Card

Element: Fire

Major meaning: Energy

Quick message: Passion with no strings attached

Positive influence: Short-term excitement that leads to a bigger picture

Negative influence: Using someone for personal gain

Personality strengths: Someone who is brings fun moments into the life, energetic and passionate

Personality weaknesses: Person who lacks commitment, selfish and disappears just as quickly as appears

Knight of Wands For Love

When it comes to love, Knight of Wands indicates deep psychic and emotional connection. However, there is a catch: it usually indicates a hot fling rather than a steady commitment.

Also, Knight of Wands can easily indicate obsession after a break up. This is a typical manic of a love relationship represented by Knight of Wands:

Two people meet and almost instantly, like two magnets they are drawn to each other. Feelings of euphoria and excitement overrule pretty much anything. Hot and passionate sex with supreme stamina connects them even deeper. They feel like two soulmates destined to be together. Plans of marriage can come up within just days or weeks...

But then, just as fast as this relationship developed, as soon as action for a serious commitment starts to take place, one of the partners loses passion - usually, due to hidden, subconscious fear of commitment itself. As ironic as it sounds, I cannot recall any case where I was wrong with Knight of Wands appearing as an outcome for love.

Then, suddenly, that someone who has fear of commitment starts to disappear just as quick as he/she appeared. Relationship goes down the hill and the person who is truly ready to commit feels torn, depressed and more often than not - obsessed. 

I often see an appearance of this card for Astrologically incompatible signs, people with different religions, different outlooks on life or when "two opposites attract".

I also noticed that in order for a real love relationship to develop with appearance of Knight of Wands, it is best to take things slow and avoid building high expectations right away. This may be hard but it is a much safer approach - unless, of course, all you seek is that hot fling.

This card also indicates friends with benefits or two people who are deeply emotionally connected but cannot be together for one reason or the other. They most likely would engage in sexual activities but that's where it usually ends.

Knight of Wands can also indicate a younger lover on the side for a married couple. It is a card with high probability for cheating, vacation fling, deep crush on someone else and a big mistake for loving someone else (mistaking lust for love). 

Knight of Wands For Sex

When it comes to sex, Knight of Wands indicates very exciting and sexually experimental times. It signals that you may discover sexual fantasies that you did not even know you had.

This card usually indicates sex with strangers or sex with people without a commitment. It can be a sex with a friend of a friend or sex with someone you meet when you take a vacation. No matter how you spin it, Knight of Wands indicates energetic, passionate, experimental sex with a discovery of new horizons - but rarely a commitment.

If you are in a relationship and draw Knight of Wands, it can be a strong indicator that you may meet someone new to engage in sexual activities with. And that someone new may be very hard to resist. Make your choice before you even meet that person because such a fling can destroy your current relationship. Such flings rarely stay a secret when Knight of Wands appears.

If you are sure that no cheating will be done and you are in a committed relationship, Knight of Wands signals rejuvenation in your sexual department - especially if things got boring lately. However, you must take a note of what turns you and your partner on - because this rejuvenation can be short and the purpose of it is to show you what initiates both of you.

Knight of Wands For Money

When it comes to money, Knight of Wands calls for patience and avoidance of actions based on need. It is a card of travel, communication, business and partnerships.

Generally, it is a great omen when it comes to money. It does call you to evaluate your passions and see what excites you. It is a card of information. When you draw Knight of Wands, you may want to get more information first before you take a certain action - especially, if you are hesitant.

But keep in mind that Knight of Wands often indicates short-term projects and serves as a stepping stone to something bigger. It means there is no need to make big plans for a certain idea you have. Rather, just do your best, see how it plays out and change the course if necessary.

Knight of Wands brings change. If you are working, it may indicate that your job is coming to an end or you will be transferred to another department. There is no need to panic because Knight of Wands energy often slices old and unnecessary situations away that no longer serve you well to begin with.

And it is a card of a catalyst for something bigger and better. It is a card of maturity process.

Knight of Wands For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

In spell work, Knight of Wands represents Acacia Truth Spell  to uncover hidden motives and to be safe. This spell makes other people to express you the truth, which aids you in correct decision-making.

This spell also helps you to identify who is your enemy and who is your foe. It also helps you to identify if there is infidelity going on because it creates circumstances where you witness the real picture.

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Knight of Wands For General Outcome

When Knight of Wands appears for general outcome, it shows you exciting times, adventure and changes. Knight of Wands also brings information related to Spiritual growth and changes. It's just not all of this information may be pleasant - yet, more often than not - it is!

There is no need to worry about Knight of Wands. It is more of a neutral card rather than negative or positive. It often signals short-term events that will pass.

Of course, readers pay close attention to it because it can signal infidelity in someone's relationship by the means of strong crush on someone else. Yet, surrounding cards or deep intuition is still needed to determine if the person will act on it.

But no matter what kind of news Knight of Wands brings, always remember that they are for the best!

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