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Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Knight of Cups are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Water

Major Meaning:  An invitation to a social event

Quick Message: Falling in love, or a wedding proposal

Positive influence: Balancing your emotions

Negative influence: An overwhelming need to spend time alone

Personality strengths: Thoughtful, romantic and affectionate

Personality weaknesses: Feeling overwhelmed by life

Knight of Cups For Love

The Knight of Cups is someone whose emotions run deep. He or she is driven by romance, art, and the desire to be surrounded by beautiful things. Including, the right sort of people. The Knight is charming, romantic, and imaginative. He or she can also be very enthusiastic, and may be able to inspire others to do greater things.

This is someone who can be a great friend or lover, but he or she does have another side which might not be quite so appealing. Being moody, and overly sensitive. This means that you need sometimes to be careful of what you say to him or her, to avoid getting a cold response. Making some parts of your friendship or romance incredibly hard work to get through! 

On the other hand if the Knight of Cups represents you, this card could be reminding you to be aware of this and the effect that you can have in your relationships with others. Perhaps you need to try to have a more balanced set of emotions? Not go to such extremes of feeling high and low when you are around other people.

Apart from this, the Knight is telling you that there is good energy surrounding the romance area of your life. Falling in love is a possibility, and even a wedding proposal.

Knight of Cups For Sex

Falling in love and romantic dates are often following by amazing sex, and this is also what the Knight is promising you if you get your relationship on the right track. Don't forget the moodiness, and difficult behaviour which you both sometimes have to deal with. Play your cards right, and the sky will be the limit for you sexually. 

The Knight of Cups will be imaginative in the bedroom, and ready to play along with your fantasies. He or she will also have some of his or her own!

Knight of Cups For Money

The Knight is telling you that the good times are here, for partying and other social occasions. These may have an impact on your financial situation, especially if you have to travel to the venue, buy a wedding gift and so on. Don't forget the new outfit too! You couldn't possibly wear the dress or clothes that you have done in the past. Could you? 

This card is asking you not to get too carried away, and forget your budget when going out. Especially if there isn't a lot of money for you to play with. 

Perhaps marriage could improve your partner's or your finances, and this is the effect the Knight of Cups is having on the money area of your life?

Knight of Cups For Spell Work And Energy Correction

If you would like to boost the good energy that the Knight of Cups is bringing into your life, have you thought about using Magick to help you? It's been around for centuries. Plenty of people have asked for its help, and still do. 

You might like to cast an Abundance Spell to increase what you already have. Or if it's love or money you would like to have more of, a Money Spell or Love Spell might well be what you need.

If you aren't comfortable with casting the spells yourself, you can ask someone else to do this for you. You will still receive all of the benefits of the spell which is cast and it won't harm anyone, provided it is done properly.

Knight of Cups For General Outcome

The Knight of Cups is going to have a big impact on your life. Whether he or she represents the arrival of someone new, or the effect you are having on an existing relationship. Romance and love are the main areas highlighted by this card. Lots of socialising is a definite possibility too.

The Knight is also warning you that it's time to balance your emotions. Swinging from one extreme to the other can have a disastrous effect on a relationship over time. This might also be affecting your health, by making you feel overwhelmed. But if you can get this right, the Knight of Cups is bringing a lot of good, and positive energy your way.

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