Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics Of Justice:

Arcana: Major

Number: 11

Planetary energies: Venus

Major meaning: Balance

Quick message: Seek the perfect balance as wisdom is there

Positive influence: good news and good fortune, things are working out for you, fair judgement, balanced approach

Negative influence:  disbalance, greed, problems with the law or authority, lack of structure

Personality strengths: a person who knows what fair is. And it is not something that favors one person at the expense of another. He knows what win-win situation is.

Personality weaknesses: a person who has problems understanding win-win game. He can make everything seem like it is black and white. Someone who believes that in order to win, someone has to lose at least little bit. Someone who may also have problems with the law and authority. A wounded child who is seeking help.

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