Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics

Arcana: Major

Number: 20

Planetary energies: Saturn

Major meaning: Second chance, blessings

Quick message: "Don't worry" is the major message of the Judgement card

Positive influence: fairness and righteousness

Negative influence: unreasonable outcome

Personality strengths: someone who keeps the words, pays debts and administers good judgement in life. Someone who is open minded and not too quick to judge others. This person may very well be Spiritual and consistently looking for new ways for improvement. Strong Guardian Angel is guarding this person.

Personality weaknesses: judgmental critic, someone who promises more than can deliver and finds excuses who promises were not fulfilled. Cynical individual who is never satisfied. Someone who is failing at certain life arenas, yet acts as a "master of advice" for others. Fake, manufactured authority. Think of a relationship counselor with 3 divorces...

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