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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Judgement are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 20

Planetary Energies: Saturn

Major Meaning: You have reached a crossroads in your life, and are about to make an important change. Possibly go in a different direction, but there's no need to worry! You have done all of the preparation you need to for success. 

Quick Message: Look back, and consider what may have gone wrong in the past. Also, at the times when you were successful. So that you can make the right decision now on how to move forward.

Positive Influence: A person who has good judgement; is fair, and honest. Keeping his or her word when he or she says that she will do something. Spirituality, or consistently looking for ways to improve. A strong, and capable Guardian Angel.

Negative Influence: An unreliable person you can't trust, and doesn't pay his or her debts. Or cheats in a sexual relationship. He or she may fail in a particular area, but still pretend to be an expert when giving advice. Anxiety, and depression.

Personality Strengths: Confidence, and reliability. Positivity. Being kind, and compassionate. Not only to others but also yourself, because all of us make mistakes. Keeping an open mind.

Personality Weaknesses: Always thinking the worst or judging others harshly, without giving them a chance to explain. Anger. Being unfair or unreasonable. Possibly overly critical, when a more laid back approach would serve you better. Cynical, and never satisfied. Finding it all too easy to make excuses for your own failings, without trying to remedy them.

Judgement for Love

You could receive a second chance in an important relationship you thought was over. The Judgement card can bring many blessings into your life. However what you had with this person will probably have changed. Although you can be quietly optimistic about the future, you will still need to evaluate the best way forward now for you both. 

This means being honest when you review what went wrong between you in the past, to make sure the same mistakes aren't made again. Also, make any changes that you need to. If you can do this then you will have every chance of your fresh start being successful. Creating a space for love to grow, and flourish.

If you haven't been dating for a while, this will be a good time to start again. Maybe for a more permanent relationship, and for you to find the person you really can fall in love with.

Judgement for Sex

As sex is also about relationships, whether long term or a one night stand, the meaning for this area of your life will be similar to love. In that a sexual partner whom you valued may be on his or her way back to you. But will you be able to get over the other relationships either of you may have had while being apart? To be able to put the past behind you, and enjoy what you could have now. 

It's a difficult question to answer since you may not know until you try, which could cause you even more pain in the long run. The other tarot cards in the spread might be able to help you decide what to do, if you are thinking along these lines. Also, if you can stay confident and positive, remember that the Judgement card does signify success. Ultimately however, it will all depend on how you both deal with getting back together.

Alternatively, it could be time to find someone new who has a similar sexual appetite, and passion to match your own.

Judgement for Money

If the Judgement card is associated with the money area of your life then you have every reason to be optimistic. It's likely that you will have done what you need to. So that you are now in a position to earn more money, or get it some other way. However, this card also points to the future, and using the opportunities you have to your advantage. 

Will spending all of the money which may be coming to you lead to a better future in the long term? Or should some of it be saved? Think about getting the life you really want, and use your money wisely. You don't know when opportunities like this will come along again.

Judgement for Spell Work & Energy Correction

There will probably be a lot of good and positive energy in your life right now. It's time to take advantage of this. If you really aren't sure what your next step should be, then prayer or talking quietly with the Higher Beings could help you. 

Using your intuition or any psychic gifts you might have to interpret the answer you receive, in the many different ways the Angels; Higher Beings or Universe communicate with us. Working with A Prayer That Always Works may also be especially beneficial to you at a time like this.

Judgement for General Outcome

The Judgement card signifies a new beginning. Although it will involve change, this is still something to look forward to. If you have been involved in a legal dispute, it is likely to be resolved in your favor. Similarly, any academic examinations or certification tests should go well for you.

You can also call on Archangel Jeremiel who is closely associated with the Judgement card, if you still aren't sure how to move forward. Maybe it's the case that you have too many options right now, and are finding the situation overwhelming. If so, spending time alone, to give yourself an opportunity to think things through, may be helpful in deciding what needs to change or be released. Healing will also be an important part of this process when you remain positive, and can lead to the development of your spirituality.

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