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The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of The High Priestess are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 2

Planetary Energies: Moon

Major Meaning: Trust your intuition, and natural psychic ability. They can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Quick Message: Life is a mystery! There is more going on behind the scenes than you realize.

Positive Influence: A spiritual connection to the Angels or Higher Beings. The ability to look beyond the obvious, and let your subconscious get to work in revealing the truth.

Negative Influence: Complacency, and not being realistic. 

Personality Strengths: A balanced approach to making decisions based on logical thought, and being guided by how you feel. 

Personality Weaknesses: Feeling comfortable with making little or no progress. Finding it easy to make excuses for not taking action.

The High Priestess For Love

The High Priestess is closely associated with love, and matters of the heart. She is asking you to use the feminine side of your nature, in comparison to the masculine which is more apparent in The Magician. All of us possess both of these energies, to a lesser or greater extent. The feminine is often connected to hidden wisdom. There could still be some things which you aren't sure about in the love area of your life. Perhaps it's a question of whether or not the person you are in a relationship with, or would like to be, can be trusted? It's important that you use your intuition, to help you find the answers to the questions you have. 

Even if you spend a lot of time with someone, it's unlikely that they will reveal everything about themselves in what they say and do. However much they insist that they are being completely honest with you. How do they treat others? Family, friends, and animals. In particular, an ex. Are you going down the same path as him or her by staying, or will you have a lucky escape in saying no to a date? It's time to look deeper into the situation.

The High Priestess For Sex

Although your intuition may be telling you that something isn't quite right in this area of your life, don't be too hasty. The High Priestess is again encouraging you to find out more about what is really going on, before you do something you might later regret. If you are in love or have a strong sexual relationship, it can be easy to feel hurt when jealousy comes into it, but that doesn't mean your partner has been cheating. Maybe there is some wishful thinking on his or her part, possibly infatuation, but it doesn't mean sex has come into it. Unless of course you know for certain what has been going on.

How well do you know your partner? Does he or she intend to cheat! Or is this instead a trust issue which could easily get out of hand. One too many arguments may push him or her away from you, into the arms of someone else. Look at the situation as a whole, and trust your instincts. Don't only consider what is happening with your partner but also you, since you are also in this relationship.

The High Priestess For Money

If you have drawn the High Priestess with other cards which relate to the money area of your life and the focus of your reading is on this, you might find it best or at least helpful to keep your finances to yourself. The old saying that silence is golden could serve you well on this occasion. Including anything about your financial goals, and plans. The other cards you have drawn will help you get a better idea of what is going on around you. Is someone jealous of you, or what you have? Maybe he or she isn't the truthful lover, or friend you once thought. Again, look to your intuition for the answer.

The opposite could of course also be true, in that you might need to be more open with money. If you can afford to do it and donate to a charity, you could find the flow of money coming to you will improve. Provided this is of course done for the right reasons. Not being selfish, and simply expecting what you can get out of helping others. Behaving in this way can create negativity, and a potential block to your good work.

The High Priestess For Spell Work & Energy Correction

If you need to draw more good energy into your life, a Love Spell or Abundance Spell can also help you get the best possible outcome. 

Tarot cards can be used for spell casting, with some great results. Especially when crystals are included in the ritual. Or you can ask someone else to do the magick for you.

The High Priestess For General Outcome

In ancient traditions the High Priestess received messages from the spiritual world, which The Magician could then interpret and use to achieve success. This card is asking you to pay particular attention to your dreams, and any intuitive messages you might receive. These will have been sent by a Higher Being, to guide you. 

You might also find meditation helpful, if you are going through a difficult time. Spend some quiet time alone when you can contact the Angels, or your spirit guide. Also remember to look at your own emotions when trying to decide what to do. It's possible to learn a lot from them, and how you have been reacting instinctively. Remember too that the High Priestess is telling you to be patient. You will know what to do at the right time.

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