Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics Of Hermit:

Arcana: Major

Number: 9

Planetary energies: Mercury (also rules Virgo)

Major meaning: Wisdom in Isolation

Quick message: Self reflect on the issue to find the answer. Take time to yourself and stop listening to others. Meditate and take notes on what comes up.

Positive influence: Whenever you search for the answer and Hermit appears, you can look for the answer within you. Hermit suggests that the ultimate solution starts within you. Give your personal wisdom more credit and only then, try to consult the outer World. See if your inner answer matches with outer. If yes, that's a powerful sign. If no, which one appeals more to you? But most importantly, why?

Negative influence: Too much isolation and cutting yourself off from the World. Obsession.

Personality strengths: a person who knows how to rely on his own mind and heart. Someone who will make a decision and only then will ask for opinions. Someone who is self-guided. A persona that takes time to himself.

Personality weaknesses: inability to make a choice without consulting others. Isolation from the World and finding "logically Spiritual" excuses for isolation. Someone who lives loaner lifestyle. Apathetic melancholic. Person can also suffer depression and anxiety. Someone who needs help but does not admit it.

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