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The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of The Emperor are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 4

Planetary Energies: Jupiter

Major Meaning: A strong and powerful person who gets the job done, but also needs to be flexible.

Quick Message: Make a detailed plan, and follow it. Being organized will play an important part in your success.

Positive Influence: A leader or father figure. Someone who represents authority. 

Negative Influence: A badly behaved child or irresponsible friend could be a distraction, and prevent you from doing what you set out to. 

Personality Strengths: Practical, and able to think logically. Self-discipline. A strong work ethic. Trustworthy. Courage, and the determination to succeed. 

Personality Weaknesses: Careless about things which are important. A lack of self-confidence. Stubborn, controlling, or manipulative. The inability to forgive himself, and others.

The Emperor For Love

A family man who is a good father, and represents stability in a relationship or marriage. You can rely on him to think things through, before making a decision. You might not always like what he does or says, but in his eyes he will be doing it with your best interests at heart. If something important needs to change, the Emperor will have the courage to sort it out. However difficult this might be. 

Unless of course you are experiencing the negative energy which can surround this card. If things haven't been going well, the Emperor may even decide to end your relationship without wanting to have a discussion about it. If he considers this will be for the best. Remember those authoritative, and stubborn streaks in his character! Another negative aspect to this card is that he might not be tolerant with children, especially during their teenage years.

The Emperor For Sex

The Emperor represents a strong and powerful lover who likes to be in control. He or she wants to make sure that you are happy with what happens inside, and out of the bedroom. If the chemistry is right and you don't experience the bad energy surrounding this card, he will be someone who has the ability to make you more than satisfied sexually, and in the other areas of your life. 

Otherwise you might find that he is a selfish lover, who puts his own needs and desires first. Being in a relationship with the Emperor could feel as if you are walking on eggshells, since he might find it difficult to forgive you if you do something he doesn't like.

The Emperor For Money

This card is telling you that you are on the right track as far as making money is concerned, or more of it. If you are prepared to work hard and do what it takes. Don't let your plans fail by not being properly organized, which might mean you'll miss important details. Especially when it's your own business or you want to impress the boss. The little things in life matter, as they eventually add up to the full picture. 

Having a plan for your finances will be helpful. Giving full details of what your current income and outgoings are, projections for the future, and exactly how you will go about getting the money you want. Where would you like to be financially in five years time? If you don't know the answer to this question, you'll only get there by chance. Or possibly not at all. You might be thinking of taking on a leadership role, going further up the ladder in your career, or asking for a wage rise. The Emperor could be encouraging you to plan how to get out of debt. He might be difficult to live with if he puts his work, business, and career before his family.

The Emperor For Spell Work & Energy Correction

This card needs to be read in conjunction with those around it, to get a better idea of the meaning. Also because it can represent someone who has different sides to him. He may have too much masculine energy and not enough of the feminine, which has the potential to create all sorts of problems. 

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The Emperor For General Outcome

The card can represent someone who works for a government agency, security service, or in the legal profession. He is mostly concerned with authority, and justice. He is likely to be well respected. 

However the Emperor is also encouraging us to examine our own lives. Are we contributing more to the world than we are getting back? While making the best we can of what we have. It's important to know why we act as we do, and what our motives are. So that we can recognize if the power we have is being misused, and that we may have become selfish. 

It comes with a warning that not only does the Emperor need to have a firm will, but be flexible when circumstances require it. Otherwise he may have a poor relationship with his family, people at work, or in his business. Ultimately, leading to him being lonely. He might well be a wise and strong person, just like the Empress, but he can also be cruel as well as kind. 

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