Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics

Arcana: Major

Number: 15

Planetary energies: Saturn

Major meaning: Bondage

Quick message: YOU are holding yourself back, NOT the devil

Positive influence: being in control

Negative influence: being controlled

Personality strengths: a person who has life in order and feels free-Spirited. Someone who may appear over confident at first due to lack of shame, guilt and embarrassment. "Bad boy" or "bad girl" type who is not that bad. Sexually comfortable and open person.

Personality weaknesses: someone who is controlled by shame. He or she may not realize it, but while this person is blaming the "outside" (other people, circumstances, bad luck...) - it is that same person who is creating self-bondage. This person does not realize that all needs to be done is to release the illusion of lack of self-power - and things will start to change for the positive quick! Someone who may experience problems with authorities. Unfaithful individual.

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