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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

ATTENTION: Love problems? Money problems, or another crisis? Have the Tarot Cards given you bad news? An unpleasant outcome?

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A few Quick Characteristics of The Devil are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 15

Planetary Energies: Saturn

Major Meaning: Although you may feel as if you are trapped, this is an illusion. Try taking a more positive approach to the situation, to help you release fear and anxiety.

Quick Message: You have been focusing too much on the material things in life or what you can get, and neglecting your spirituality.

Positive Influence: Someone who is confident, leads an orderly life, and is in control of their emotions. Meditation or prayer.

Negative Influence: A person who refuses to take responsibility for his or her actions, but blames bad luck and everyone else for what has gone wrong. He or she may experience difficulty in accepting the law, or other authority.

Personality Strengths: Being meticulous, and paying attention to detail. Not being afraid to ask for help.

Personality Weaknesses: Unable to accept the truth. Being easily led astray. A lack of self-discipline. Possessive; envious, or coveting what others have. Careless. Untidy. Selfish.

Devil For Love

This card may be warning you that you are no longer on the right track. Even worse you have become your own worst enemy, and this is the reason you are feeling trapped. It's not because you are involved in the devil's work; Satanism, or have been cursed. When you have drawn this card it's likely that your relationships are suffering. Maybe others are now finding you selfish, or impossible to talk to. 

A love of possessions and owning as much as possible could have taken over your life. Allowing you to ignore your spirituality or authentic self, which would lead you to true happiness. Although we need physical objects in life, in reality this amounts to only a few. The pleasure we can get from having too much is often short lived, before we want the next best thing. Believing that we need to have the most up to date clothes, or the latest car, is just an illusion. 

Whilst if you are looking for true love, this is based on a much deeper connection and usually takes time to develop. Caring about what happens to the other person. Being kind and considerate of his or her feelings. Not hurtful. Going for a walk; holding hands, or talking to each other doesn't cost anything. Yet how you can feel afterwards is much more valuable than all of the presents a friend or lover can give.

Devil For Sex

How much do you value your sexual partner? Do you make sure that he or she feels satisfied when you have sex? Or do you usually focus on your own wants, and needs? Don't forget too about the natural law of Karma, that what you give you'll also receive. 

If you have decided not to carry on having one night stands which only make you feel happy for a short time, and start a relationship instead, you'll need again to bear in mind that a healthy sex life is based on giving and receiving. You might even fall in love when you do this.

Devil For Money

If it's money you can't stop craving, do you know why? Did something happen in the past to make you feel insecure about not having enough? The Devil card could be telling you that your reaction to this is extreme. Especially if it involves spending every dollar you earn as soon as you get it, or saving it all because you are afraid of not being able to cope with the unexpected. 

Money is in reality only a tool, allowing us to buy the things we need to live the best life, and saving some if we can. It's important to have a balanced approach to the flow of energy attached to it. Whilst also not ignoring those things which are inexpensive, or free.

Devil For Spell Work & Energy Correction

If you have drawn the Devil card this will more than likely mean you do have negative energy around you which needs to be released. This can be done by changing the way you think; believe, and act. 

Magick Spell in the area of your life you are struggling with the most could help you speed up the process, to change things sooner. A lot of people are already using magick, to help them lead a more balanced and better life, without harming themselves or others.

Devil For General Outcome

For centuries the devil was believed to be evil, reminiscent of the Greek God Pan, and in some forms of Christian belief a fallen angel. In the tarot pack this card represents a negative force which we are being invited to overcome, and in doing so progress further on our own spiritual journey. Making the necessary changes along the way, for us to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Having gratitude for what you have will draw more good energy to you, to help repair the imbalance you are experiencing. Try thinking of three things you are grateful for when you wake up. Adding more to this list throughout the day. Keep going with it, and see how different you feel after only a short time. As always you can also ask the Universe; Angels, or Higher Beings to help you attract more good and positive energy into your life.

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