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Death Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Death are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Major

Number: 13

Planetary Energies: Pluto

Major Meaning: It's time to let go of the past, and embrace the new. This phase in your life is complete.

Quick Message: Be kind to yourself! You don't need to hurry through the changes you are about to experience.

Positive Influence: A spiritual transformation. Someone who is fearless, and believes that he or she has the ability to succeed however difficult the challenge might be.

Negative Influence: Feeling trapped in a situation or relationship. Refusing to accept the inevitable. Not looking for a solution, but focusing instead on self-pity. Possibly someone who suffers from anxiety, and depression; has been hexed; cursed, or is the victim of a magick attack.  

Personality Strengths: Courage; confidence, and inner strength. Controlled emotions. The ability to embrace change, and face up to problems.

Personality Weaknesses: Fear of letting go of the past. Jealousy, and envy. Insecurity. Being stubborn, and afraid of making even small changes. Having a possessive nature, or holding grudges. Focusing too much on the negative aspects of life, and past misfortune.

Death For Love

Breaking up with someone you love could be painful, and take longer than you thought. It might involve a series of difficult conversations, to see if you can sort things out after all. Perhaps a trial separation, if you really aren't sure? Or can't immediately let go of the other person. 

Maybe it's complicated if you or your partner has met someone else, and he or she also needs to be considered in your plans. Try not to be afraid of the future. Friends and family can be especially supportive at times like this.

Death For Sex

The Death card could be asking you to consider whether you need to make any changes in the sexual area of your life. If you aren't happy with your current partner or partners, again it could be time to consider releasing the past, and accept that it might only have been lust keeping you together. What else do you have in common, apart from the physical side of your relationship? 

Maybe it's a case of letting go of how you have always had sex, and introducing something new. Perhaps you have wanted to try using sex toys, or a threesome? If your partner agrees this could be the change you need, to relinquish the old and let in the new.

Death For Money

If you have drawn the Death card it could mean that you are about to experience a change in your financial circumstances. Maybe you have been careless with money in the past, and need to alter your spending habits to get out of debt. Or it's time now to spend some of what you have saved. 

Either way it's wise to cultivate a healthy relationship with money, and know when and how best to use it. There is a fine balance between spending the right amount and too much, which will cause the flow of wealth to become blocked.

Death For Spell Work & Energy Correction

This card represents a never ending flow of natural energy. 

So if you are finding it difficult to make the changes you need, and to allow more good energy into your life, you might find A Prayer That Always Works will be helpful.

Death For General Outcome

Death is a fact of life, but all of the major spiritual traditions teach that it is also an opportunity to transition into much greater and better possibilities. That what we do now can affect what happens when we pass. So this card, and death itself, represent movement into the next phase of life or on our soul journey. The message from the Angels, and the Universe is to stay positive and optimistic. As spiritual beings we can regard the start of each day as a new beginning. There will also be other major rebirths waiting for us when we finally leave the earth, if we believe in reincarnation. 

It's important to be open to the changes which are about to happen, to allow the good energy they bring to flow through your life, and not put up any barriers to this. When you are releasing the past this ending might bring a sense of relief. You may have outgrown a particular person; relationship, or situation. Making change inevitable. There might not be any way back or place where you can compromise. Archangel Azreal is closely associated with the Death card, helping us heal. Remember that you can call upon him; the Universe, or any of the other Higher Beings if you need comfort and support.

However, this is your chance to discard the bad feelings, and negative energy you may still be holding onto. Unhappy memories; anger, and frustration won't serve you well moving into the future. It's time to give yourself permission to replace them with those which are more positive, including love and gratitude for what you have learned or experienced.

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