Death Tarot Card Meaning

Quick Characteristics

Arcana: Major

Number: 13

Planetary energies: Pluto (has strong influence of Scorpio constellation)

Major meaning: Regeneration

Quick message: Inevitable change that must be faced, fear nothing

Positive influence: old is falling out, new is coming in

Negative influence: fear of letting go while feeling stuck

Personality strengths: a person with great deal of bravery, high confidence and great deal of emotional strength. Most likely, this individual has a difficult life but faces difficulties with diligence. Instead of ruining away from problems, this person rather welcomes them, finds solutions, takes credit and pride for achievements and gets stronger and stronger every time.

Personality weaknesses: insecure, jealous, fearful individual who is stubborn and very afraid of even minor changes, someone who has great deal of anxiety and depression due to inability to let go. Envious and possessive. This person holds grudges, looks mostly at negative and attracts even more unfavorable circumstances due to consistent obsession over misfortunes. May also indicate a person who is hexed, cursed or experiences Magick attack.

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