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Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Ace of Cups are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Water

Major Meaning:  It's time to fall in love 

Quick Message: A new love, or an ex lover will come back into your life

Positive influence: Spiritual growth, and understanding

Negative influence: Seeking revenge for a past emotional hurt

Personality strengths: Kindness, and compassion

Personality weaknesses: Inability to forgive others

Ace of Cups For Love

Someone wonderful is about to come into your life, if he or she hasn't already arrived. Get ready for lots of positive emotions like joy, happiness, and pleasure. You might also find yourself falling in love with him, or her. Given the amazing boost this person has brought to your life, and how this has made you feel. Satisfied, and happy!

All of which may have affected your intuition, and grasp of the situation. You can't do anything except look at him or her with starry eyes. Your spiritual growth is however flying high, because of the amazing time that you are having. 

The Ace of Cups is bringing true friendship to you, with kindness and compassion. A man or woman who will be your soulmate. There's even the possibility of you having a new home because of this. It's not difficult to work that one out, if you want it to happen. Life is definitely looking up for you!

Ace of Cups For Sex

The Ace of Clubs is telling you that it's time to fall in love. Perhaps it'll be with an old lover who has come back into your life? Someone whom you thought you had lost, and wouldn't see again. It might not have ended well last time, but your desire for him or her has certainly been rekindled.

Whoever it might be you can't get enough of him or her, or sex. The passion between you is red hot! 

Ace of Cups For Money

If this card represents a new home, it's especially important that you look at the money area of your life. Try to be level headed when you do this. Being starstruck and in love won't pay the bills, if the money isn't there. 

Don't forget that money also represents your security, and the Ace is urging you to acknowledge the importance of looking after yourself.

Ace of Cups For Spell Work And Energy Correction

If you haven't tried using Magick yet, why not think about it now? A Love Spell will help bring more love in your direction, and could boost the good energy which is flowing through your life right now.

You won't be doing anything wrong if you decide to do this. Many people use Magick to get what they want from life. If you don't feel comfortable casting a spell yourself, then you can ask someone else to do this for you. You'll still receive all of the benefits that the Ace of Cups is telling you are heading your way, and others too. An Abundance Spell can also help boost these even more, and bring all of the things you are looking forward to even more quickly to you.

Some people worry about using Magick, but spell casting is harmless provided it is done with this intention in mind. It won't hurt you, or anyone else.

Ace of Cups For General Outcome

The suit of water is associated with the depth of our emotions. Falling in love, the way we nurture and care for our children, or open our heart to others and those deeper feelings which we may not always have. The cards in the suit of Cups mostly represent love, romantic relationships, our family and friends. Also the power of love. Our dreams, and desires. 

Whilst the Ace of Cups is connected to new beginnings. Everything being in harmony, and peaceful. This card is encouraging you to be in touch with your own emotions, and express them. Even if this is something which you don't normally do. It will lead to sensuality, and a deeper connection to your lover. A stronger bond between you. 

Look at what is being offered to you in all areas of your life, because the Ace of Cups can indicate that a gift is on its way to you. This includes an opportunity, but you must be ready to welcome it with open arms. Recognise what could be yours in the future. It isn't a good idea to reject this, as it may not come to you again. Watch out too in the sex area of your life, for the passion that is heading your way! With the man or woman who truly understands you, and your desires.

The Ace of Cups can also bring out the creative side in you. So that you may even discover a talent that you didn't know you had. There's so much to love when the Ace of Cups is in your life. ...This is a wonderful card to have drawn!

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