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7 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

ATTENTION: Love problems? Money problems, or another crisis? Have the Tarot Cards given you bad news? An unpleasant outcome?

Are you confused about what to do next? Then, DON'T PANIC!

Not only am I providing an explanation, and advice to help you get what you want, but you'll also find energy work solutions for each Tarot card. 

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A few Quick Characteristics of 7 of Wands are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Fire

Major meaning: success against strong opposition

Quick message: only you can stop yourself

Positive influence: triumphal victory

Negative influence: abandonment due to doubts

Personality strengths: someone who does not mind opposition and pretty enlightened

Personality weaknesses: someone who used doubts as an excuse to "why it is not working out"

7 of Wands For Love

This card signifies improvement in your love life and if you are single, it calls on using ALL available resources to find love - and do it courageously! That's because your success is right in the front of you and all you have to do is grab it.

If you are married or in a relationship, then 7 of wands signifies stability. But watch out for boredom as too much comfort can be counter-productive at times. Go on more dates and do something NEW that you both like. But make sure it is NEW. Time to drop some of the old patterns.

This card is a great card that should not call on any worry. As mentioned above, only boredom and lack of excitement can be your enemy.

If you are after someone, 7 of Wands tells you to pursue that person, because no matter what competition you have, at the end - you will win! That's, of course, if you don't stop yourself on your own.

7 of Wands For Sex

Passion! Hot sex! Sudden, unexpected sex filled with romance and overwhelming passion. Something that many people dream about!

Great sexual compatibility and understanding of sexual needs of each other. Sexual comfort. New experiences. Kinky!

The only message here is make sure you aren't getting too close to each other and moving too fast because it can end just as it started. Watch out for conflicts. Make sure that besides hot passionate sex, you discuss your wants, desires and inspirations on DEEPER level.

7 of Wands For Money

If you are looking to increase your finances, consider communication as the means. & of Wands is a card of communication. It is a card of networking.

Use all available communication means, such as Internet, phone, fax and make sure you do advertising.

This IS a card of business advertising and when drawn, it calls to advertise your venture.

If you are working and looking for promotion, consider submitting resumes to another companies where you may be more appreciated.

However, if you draw this Tarot card, seriously consider self-employment. Most likely, it is a call to put your skills and talents to work for you. You can start slow, with only few hours a week.

But remember the original message? Only you can stop yourself...

Get bravery and proceed! Success should not make you wait long!

7 of Wands For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

7 of Wands calls on Mercury Planetary Spell to help you achieve your dreams faster and easier. But it also calls on Mars Planetary Spell to aid the process and protect you from procrastination and ease the challenges. The way these spells are done is as follows: Mars spell if fired on Tuesday to begin the process and Mercury spell is fired next day, on Wednesday to give everything the fullest kick! These spells can be aimed for love, sex, money or whatever other purpose you may have!

Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love... Or maybe you want to double or triple your income... Or start a successful business... Or have powerful psychic protection... Or whatever else it may be - then you MUST check out spell work information and you too can create DESIRED REALITY rather than living at the mercy of the circumstances.

7 of Wands For General Outcome

Expect a lot of communication and move swiftly. This card does not like delay. Let fear and doubt propel you instead of stopping you. Be careful if others try to influence you in a negative way. Reject the message if it has no value.

Overall, this card promises victory against all opposition, as soon as you do not procrastinate and act with speed.

Again, it is a great card to draw when you have a question - the victory is right in the front of you!

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