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6 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

ATTENTION: Love problems? Money problems, or another crisis? Have the Tarot Cards given you bad news? An unpleasant outcome?

Are you confused about what to do next? Then, DON'T PANIC!

Not only am I providing an explanation, and advice to help you get what you want, but you'll also find energy work solutions for each Tarot card. 

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A few Quick Characteristics of 6 of Wands are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Fire

Major meaning: Victory, but at times - empty victory

Quick message: You will win but think if you really NEED it

Positive influence: Success is nearly guaranteed, right path for you

Negative influence: Victory brings little satisfaction

Personality strengths: rational individual who knows how to use conscious and subconscious mind in harmony

Personality weaknesses: someone who is like a mouse in the wheel - puts effort but chasing nothing

6 of Wands For Love

When it comes to 6 of Wands for love, it is a green light. Sure, you may have some competition, but unlike with
5 of Wands, where your loss is nearly guaranteed, 6 of wands brings nearly guaranteed victory. In fact, the combination of these two cards together if drawn gives interesting challenge: long fight with great victory!

But 6 of Wands is not everything. This means, even if you do win, you will most likely ask yourself a question: "Is this REALLY what I wanted?"

In other words, it is a card of the process itself rather than outcome. But don't get me wrong - the greatness of outcome is your decisions.

This cars also promises long, stable relationship with a strong marriage potential.

If you are asking if you should proceed, then 80/20 rule applies here: 80 for YES and 20 to think about.

Remember - it is your victory! What you do with it is your business.

6 of Wands For Sex

In sex, 6 of Wands demonstrates closeness. If you had sexual challenges or problems, this card promises to overcome them.

Passion and stability in sex, fidelity, even possible planned pregnancy is characterized by this card.

If you are competing for someone sexually, his card shows the victory. But it also gives you a message to consider:


What we are talking about here is someone who may have a passionate romance with a married person as an example. Would it be worth ruining the family just because you can get the victory over the other?

If you are single, then it is a great omen for sex.

 6 of Wands For Money

In money, 6 of Wands demonstrates success and victory. Good contracts, promotions, money increase...

If you are self-employed, this card calls you to take 15 minutes a day and think how you can improve your business because expansion is waiting for you. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and see what you can do better.

What's good about this Tarot card for money is that not only it brings material satisfaction, but it also brings emotional satisfaction with joy.

Just like in any other aspects, it is a green light to proceed.

If you are competing against the crowd, use all your personal power, persuasion and strength. Do not give up. Even if circumstances seem to be unfavorable, you may be very surprised that YOU will come out as a victor!

6 of Wands For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

When you draw 6 of Wands for spell work, it signifies famous Crown Of Success spell, preferably combined with Victory or Prosperity spell in conjunction. The best day to do them either Thursday or Saturday, depending on what your goals and ambitions are. These spells are usually done on Full Moon.

Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love... Or maybe you want to double or triple your income... Or start a successful business... Or have powerful psychic protection... Or whatever else it may be - then you MUST check out spell work information and you too can create DESIRED REALITY rather than living at the mercy of the circumstances.

6 Of Wands For General Outcome

Basically, this is a simple card when it comes to outcome. It gives a message: relax, everything is fine. Victory is yours. Sure, you may still have to put some effort in order to get it and looking at surrounding cards can show how much effort you may need to put. But it is one of these cards that really calls on the spell work to secure your victory, so consider the spell work message above. It will greatly help you eliminate the effort!

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