4 Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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Quick Characteristics of 4 Of Pentacles Including Love, Sex, Money And General Outcome

Arcana: Minor

Element: Earth

Major Meaning:  Change can bring you luck

Quick Message: Be open to new, and exciting opportunities

Positive influence: Better days will be on the way, if you can be organised and plan ahead

Negative influence: Hoarding money, and possessions won't help you

Personality strengths: Reliability, and all your hard work paying off

Personality weaknesses: Finding it difficult to share

4 Of Pentacles For Love And Feelings

4 of Pentacles is a card of extremes. If you act as though you love yourself and money more than others, then this card can be a warning that it is time to change. Selfishness is a negative energy which may cause damage to your life. 

Being more generous with time, money, and affection can lead to an abundance of better things coming to you. After all money is only metal, and paper. Isn't love more important than this?

If you are single, and would like to be in a relationship, this is definitely something to consider. For those who have already found their soulmate or partner, paying more attention to him or her will be rewarding. A kind and thoughtful lover is always popular!

4 Of Pentacles For Sex

This is a time to be loving, and giving. So why not treat the man or woman in your life to a fantastic present or surprise? Not a new washing machine or frying pan because they need one. You'll be amazed at what being thankful for a special gift can turn into. ...A hot date may be on the cards for you! 

4 of Pentacles is about new possibilities. So if you are single, it's a great time to arrange an amazing first date with the person you have had your eye on. Your night out can also be full of promise, if you are generous with what you have.

4 Of Pentacles For Money

Money is meant to flow in both directions. Being cautious or holding onto it too tightly, can prevent good energy from coming back to you. If this represents you, 4 of Pentacles is telling you not to be mean or overly cautious with money. 

If you have enough money why not donate to a charity, or worthy cause? Or spare an hour or two each week to volunteer, have a cup of tea with someone you know is lonely, or go to the supermarket for an elderly neighbour? There are endless possibilities here, but which will help you open the door to abundance. So that what you want or need can flow back to you. This might also be applicable to other areas of your life.

If you never seem to have any money left at the end of the month, perhaps it's time to think about starting a savings account or looking at what you spend your money on? Is everything you buy absolutely necessary, and what you actually want? 

4 Of Pentacles For Spell Work & Energy Correction

Clinging to money and possessions you don't need will create an energy blockage. It's important to be able to let go of the things, including pent up emotions, so that this energy can flow freely again.

Why not think about casting a Banishing Spell to help you get over any problems you might have doing this, and that the 4 of Pentacles has highlighted? Or get someone else to do it for you. This spell isn't for making someone disappear before your eyes, but can be used to get rid of those emotions which could be causing you harm. 

It might even be a Love Spell that you need, if you are afraid of change and the insecurity that this can bring. 

4 Of Pentacles For General Outcome

4 of Pentacles can be a helpful card, giving positive results when its message is taken to heart. It can open the door to those things in our lives which have previously been lacking, and you will already know what they are.  

This is the card of opportunity, and endless possibilities. Don't forget that life is what we make it, and use the guidance wisely that 4 of Pentacles is giving to you. 

Open your wallet or purse and your heart, to receive what you have dreamed of and more besides.

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