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10 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

ATTENTION: Love problems? Money problems, or another crisis? Have the Tarot Cards given you bad news? An unpleasant outcome?

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Not only am I providing an explanation, and advice to help you get what you want, but you'll also find energy work solutions for each Tarot card. 

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A few Quick Characteristics of 10 of Wands are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Fire

Major meaning: Burden

Quick message: Stop! You are on a destructive route!

Positive influence: It is time to rest

Negative influence: Overload which leads to severe stress

Personality strengths: Patient person who can carry a heavy load

Personality weaknesses: Carrying heavy loads when it is totally unnecessary, rigid mindset

10 of Wands For Love

In love department 10 if Wands signifies exhaustion in a relationship. If you are single, it signifies exhaustion of being single. No matter how you spin it, 10 of Wands deals with exhaustion, burdens, lack of play and stress.

Sometimes, 10 of Wands signifies end of a relationship but does not signal that it has to be so. It rather calls for a total rejuvenation and starting things over, from scratch.

It calls for 2 people to forget the past, talk about what they like and do what they like to do. Otherwise, a relationship will continue to suffocate.

If you are single and 10 of Wands shows up in your love department, the message is to take more action on finding your mate. It may very well be that you spend too much time working, stressing out due to low self-esteem, fearing rejection or may even be in depressive mode.

No matter what, 10 of Wands calls you to release as many burdens as possible: be they mental, emotional, psychological, past experiences, traumas and anything that blocks you to enjoy love area of your life!

Keep in mind that 10 of Wands also warns you of illness. It can signify physical illness but more often, it signifies illnesses associated with heavy stress, which can lead to emotional traumas and nearly total shut down in your love department due to lack of interest.

10 of Wands For Sex

Exhaustion... The number one cause for divorce in United States is due to lack of finances. Therefore, consistent mental exhaustion and workaholism may easily lead to problems in the bedroom. Then, problems in the bedroom lead to emotional dissatisfaction and relationship turns into a work itself.

Break ups, cheating and even psychosis can easily happen if 10 of Wands shows up in love or sex departments but people don't do much about it. Ignorance is a very wrong way to treat appearance of 10 of Wands.

At least, take a vacation as soon as possible! Most importantly, this vacation should not be only about changing place. It should also be about changing the lifestyle. Under no circumstances take your work with you. If you absolutely must, then set maximum time you will work.

If you are single, you may feel that you lack quality sex in your life. To fix this problem, evaluate all the burdens that contribute to such situation. Be they physical, mental or emotional burdens - they have to go. The sooner, the better.

Then, dedicate and spend quality time attracting your ideal love/sex partner.

No matter what your status is, when 10 of Wands shows up in sex department, it calls for serious attention and speedy action of rejuvenation!

10 of Wands For Money

Usually, 10 of Wands in the money department does not signal lack of money. However, it signals intangible expense: making money at the cost of love.

It can represent a business owner who neglects his family to run a business. It can represent a parent who works 2 jobs and comes home to pretty much sleep.

It usually represents someone who spends most of his energy to make money at his own expense and expense of others. Money is like a burden with 10 of Wands. Is it worth it or it is time to change the strategy?

10 of Wands calls you to carefully evaluate how you make money and what you are losing to gain your money. Are you losing quality time with your family? Is your relationship with kids right? Do you feel so stressed that having sex does not give you pleasure? Can you simply stop and enjoy the moment of now, or is your head filled with finances and future?

Are you too fixated on financial security? Do money give you anxiety? Is process of making money enjoyable, or is it a burden itself?

Do you plan to change something or do you plan to add even more pressure?

With 10 of Wands, be very careful. Your financial ambitions may cost you a lot, including your own health. One of the last things you want is to have money but be in poor health, have low sex drive, have no family and feel lonely.

Stop, reflect, consider all pros and cons and always remember - the real goal is happiness! Money can but happy moments but they do not buy true, long lasting happiness if you lack in other areas of life!

Discover a perfect balance - that's the key 10 of Wands wants you to find!

10 of Wands For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

In spell work, 10 of Wands represents Heavy Releasing Spell. This spell is done on Saturday when the Moon is waning. 10 of Wands is a card that should not be taken lightly and ignored. I noticed that people who draw 10 o Wands and do releasing spell often end up doing several spells because one spell is often not enough. That's how heavy their burdens are!

Heavy Releasing Spell is done to release unnecessary burdens, be they physical, mental, emotional or even from past traumas. Many people report feeling like "having fresh air again" and even "being reborn again" after such spell is cast. No wonder why - imagine how much energy you free up when you get rid of heavy burdens? And imagine how you can use newly available resources of energy?

A lot of people report improvements in love, sex and financial areas of their lives after Heavy Releasing Spell is done. That's because energies now go on productive mode rather than destructive mode.

Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love... Or maybe you want to double or triple your income... Or start a successful business... Or have powerful psychic protection... Or whatever else it may be - then you MUST check out spell work information and you too can create DESIRED REALITY rather than living at the mercy of the circumstances.

10 of Wands For General Outcome

There are two major general outcomes you may expect with 10 of Wands:

  1. If you ignore the message, you may expect heavy overload, stress and possibly - illness. All the bad that can come from heavy stress can be yours. Or...
  2. If you take 10 of Wands seriously and reflect on what overwhelms you, do the appropriate corrections and begin to life happier life - then you can avoid some very serious problems.

The choice is yours!

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