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10 of Cups Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of 10 of Cups are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Water

Major Meaning:  A happy family life

Quick Message: Your emotional and material needs are being met

Positive influence: Trustworthy family members, and friends

Negative influence: An idealised view of family life which prevents you from seeking personal fulfilment

Personality strengths: Peace, and unconditional love

Personality weaknesses: Being stubborn, and uncomfortable with change

10 of Cups For Love

The 10 of Cups indicates that your emotional needs are now being satisfied, or soon will be. This could be in a positive relationship, or a happy marriage. Either way this relationship is strong, and brings you a lot of happiness. The other person is trustworthy. He or she won't let you down, and wants only the best for you. This gives you the sense of security that you have been looking for. At long last you are feeling blessed, and loved because of all the good energy which surrounds your life and you. 

This card can also mean that if you are the one who is taking care of others in your family, this situation is harmonious. Whether or not they live with you, your home is a safe haven and brings you a lot of pleasure.

10 of Cups For Sex

Your sexual relationship makes you feel on top of the world. It couldn't be better, and you have to be the happiest man or woman alive because it's so good! Your partner is sexy, loving, and giving. Making sure that all of your desires, and needs are satisfied. Whenever and wherever you want them to be. You have made a sexual commitment, to be the only one for each other, 

You have plenty of money to be able to go out often. To have as many date nights as you would like to, and vacations too. Make the most of this situation. Work hard at your relationship to keep it safe, and healthy. With all of this positive energy continuing to surround it.

If you aren't being entirely honest with yourself. That this is the relationship you would like to have whilst the truth is it's not like this at all, the 10 of Cups is asking you to think about making some changes. So that what you want, and need, can come to you.

10 of Cups For Money

If the 10 of Cups is being read in the money area of your life you are about to, or will already, have as much money as you want and need. You don't have any money worries, and this brings with it a feeling of security.

10 of Cups For Spell Work And Energy Correction

You may be feeling in control of your life and in a good place, but worry sometimes about losing everything. Have you thought about asking Magick to help you? Plenty of people have already done this, and still do. 

Casting a Protection Spell could make you feel more confident, and safeguard what you value the most. If you don't feel able to cast a spell yourself, you can ask someone else to do this for you. All the benefits of the spell will still come to you. It won't harm you or anyone else, provided it is done properly with this intention in mind.

10 of Cups For General Outcome

The number 10 represents completion. Whilst the 10 of Cups also asks that you consider what you are putting into your life, and taking from it. Whether this creates a balance between the two, as this is important. It helps the flow of good energy carry on coming to you. 

Similarly the Cups on this card symbolise what is given freely to others to enrich their lives, and make the world a better place. You are in a position of strength in having so much good fortune so can help others. 

This card is reminding you to keep a balance in all areas of your life. If you have an idealised view of family life being a happy ever after relationship, this belief may be preventing you from moving on if it is still not happening. This won't always be how it is, and the 10 of Cups is telling you that you will soon have an opportunity to create the change you need. Enabling you to have emotional fulfilment, and create the right balance to your life.

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