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Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of Page of Cups are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Water

Major Meaning: Someone new comes into your life  

Quick Message: A friendship or romance begins a new phase

Positive influence: Love and romance

Negative influence: Being unrealistic. Living too much in your imagination, and fantasy

Personality strengths: Intuitive, kind, and creative

Personality weaknesses: Unable to talk about feelings

Page of Cups For Love

The Page of Cups usually represents a young person who is gentle, and kind. Often quiet and introverted, but also friendly and understanding. Someone who can make you feel at peace when you are with him or her.

The Page is creative. A painter or writer, or someone else involved in the arts. This makes him or her intuitive, living a lot in an imaginary or fantasy world. So it can at times be difficult to have a serious conversation with the Page. You may need to pick the best moment for this, when he or she isn't absorbed in his or her latest work of art.

This card may represent you or someone else. It can indicate that someone who is, or was important to you in the past will return to your life. This will turn your emotions upside down. It can also mean an existing relationship may be about to enter a new phase. An old friend could turn into a lover. 

The Page of Cups is also telling you to pay attention to your dreams. These are often our way of digging deeper into what is happening to us, and can provide the answers we are looking for if interpreted correctly. The Page can also represent a person in whom you can confide, and who will help you discover the truth of your feelings. 

Page of Cups For Sex

If you are single or in a relationship, the Page of Cups can be telling you that you are about to have an amazing time sexually. A new partner may well be on the cards, with all the passion and lust that this can bring to your sex life. 

The difficulty will of course be if you are already in an existing relationship, and someone else makes you doubt your feelings. If you have drawn the Page of Cups in a layout, look at the surrounding cards, to help you interpret its meaning. The Page hasn't come to you to disrupt your life, but to introduce good energy into it.

Page of Cups For Money

The Page of Cups may be telling you that it's time to be a little more creative in this area of your life. Instead of following your usual spending patterns, why not look at your budget again? Do you want to eat the same food every week, that you buy in the grocery store? Perhaps there's something you would like better, or for a change? It might be cheaper, but if it's more expensive that's fine if you can afford it. Go on, treat yourself! Self love is important too.

Talking about taking better care of yourself, it could be that the Page is also encouraging you to look at how you spend your time at work. Do you enjoy your job, and are happy doing the same old routine every day? Maybe the time has come for a change in how you make your money. 

If the Page represents you, then perhaps you have been thinking for a while of trying to turn your artistic skills or hobby into a job for yourself? You may find the other cards in the layout will help you find the answer to this, if money is your main concern at the moment. 

Page of Cups For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Magick can help you bring more of the good things into your life. If this means you would like to introduce more love or sex into it, then you may find a Love Spell or Abundance Spell will be useful. If money is the problem, you could also cast a Money Spell to give a boost to your financial situation.

You might not have thought you would resort to using Magick, but why not? It's been around for centuries. Plenty of others have done, and still do use spellcasting, because of the benefits it can bring to them. If you don't feel comfortable casting a spell yourself, you can always ask someone else to do this for you. You will still receive all of the benefits and good energy the spell is going to bring to your life. It won't harm you or anyone else, provided it is done properly.

Page of Cups For General Outcome

The suit of Cups or water reminds us that water flows freely, and none more so than in the Page who is creative. If you try to control the Page's passion for his or her art that won't be well received. But if you can put up with his or her dreaminess, and otherworldly behaviour, you will be rewarded with kindness and generosity. 

A quiet and gentle person, the Page represents love and romance flowing through your life. 

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