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4 of Cups Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of 4 of Cups are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Water

Major meaning: Apathy

Quick message: You have to do something to get out from depressive state!

Positive influence: Warning in advance for you to turn the situation around!

Negative influence: State of apathy causes your indifference

Personality strengths: Person who knows how to find good in what seems to be bad

Personality weaknesses: Fearful and depressed person who is giving up

4 of Cups For Love

Stale, disillusioned relationships start to get the worst of you. Anxiety, worry, depression and simply apathy enters your love department.

Too much work and no play, too much of bad relationship experiences, unfulfilling marriage, lack of excitement in love department, inability to find physically and emotionally attractive person, same-old-same-old cycle of unsuccessful meaningless relationship that leads into nowhere, loneliness due to choice of being lonely are just few of the representations of 4 of Cups in love arena.

When this card appears in love position, it brings a powerful message: it is not that you lack admirers, it's just you make wrong choices when you select your love mates.

This card calls for a very serious evaluation to avoid even deeper depressive states. What you need to do is take a notepad, find quiet time (about 1 hour daily for 3 days) and let your intuition tell you what common qualities your ex lovers had that you did not find appealing.

Then, think of these qualities and think how they brought you to break ups.

Take example of one of my clients who permitted to share his experience. Look at some details that seem minor at first but play a major role!

"On day one, I wrote down 3 qualities that I noticed in women that turn me off. They are: jealousy towards other pretty women, not treating me the way I deserve to be treated and being obnoxious when drunk.

On day two, I decided to think how I want to be treated. I discovered that she cannot just take from me, she must also give something meaningful back. I am not into meaningless "thank you" words that women are conditioned to say. I would rather prefer a genuine smile back without any words at all. Then, I want to be cared for and heard. It irritates me when she interrupts me with her problems when I start to complain about my day. And finally, I am tired of all the excuses she gives me in order to change plans at the last moment. I sense lies, lies and more lies.

On the third day, I discovered that I am physically attracted to women with tan, beautiful legs, beautiful smile and women who are not shy to show their skin. I cannot stand women who wear jeans and tennis shoes when it is over 90 degrees out there because they have "fat thighs". If she is not comfortable in her body and hides it, I lose attraction towards her within few months."

As you can see, the person found what makes him unhappy in his love department. He evaluated mental, emotional and physical needs.

By doing so, he discovered what he does not want. The next step is to know what you want. And finally, take action to get that! This is how you create interest in your love department and start pulling yourself out of depressive moods.

Yes, 4 of Cups is not a good card when it comes in love department. But it is not a card of tragedy as well. It is a calling for change.

If you are in a committed relationship or married and this card appears, consider relationship counseling. Your mate may also be unhappy about you. Or have a very open and sincere talk with a definite plan on how to improve your present love affair and build a happy future!

Yet, get ready for "that type of a talk" too - your mate may tell you they want a break up. 4 of Cups can easily indicate that relationship or marriage is coming to an end - but there is a chance to save it. It just may not be as easy as it seems at first and you may find out that you were blinded to more problems than you thought you had.

4 of Cups For Sex

When it comes to sex, 4 of Cups represents mental and emotional blocks. If you are with someone and this card appears in sex position of the spread, it means that you are sending fixed sexual signals to your partner. It represents sexual dissatisfaction because you (or both of you!) cannot mentally and emotionally open up to each other in the sexual department.

4 of Cups in sex also represents sexual misunderstandings. You both want the same thing but you are unable to express your desires freely. It may be due to feelings of shame or guilt.

Wither way, you must urgently have open communication to resolve sexual problems. Hoping that your partner will pick up on mixed signals and magically will figure out what you crave is not the right approach.

If you are single and this card appears, it means that you need to clearly define your sexual goals. You must be very specific with yourself what kind of sexual partner you want physically and what it is you want to experience in sex.

Otherwise, you may be drawing wrong sexual partners for yourself. You may have a cycle when you feel sexually frustrated, attract someone to take down sexual urge and then - lose interest (or another person will lose interest in you).

Self-assessment and self-honestly on mental and emotional levels are the keys 4 of Cups is calling you to possess!

4 of Cups For Money

When 4 of Cups appears in money department, it represents lack of motivation for financial security. Sure, you want money... But you want them because you need them.

You are not enjoying the process of making money. It can be because you wrong at the wrong job, run the business you are interested in or simply dwell in past regrets, fearing to step out of the box.

This card calls you to evaluate what process of making money makes you happy. It also calls you to ask for help. For example, you can ask several people: "What do you think I will love to do when making money?"

You may get an answer like "I know you like to take selfies :)" - which seems like has nothing to do with money.

But if you think carefully, you may consider a business of photography, photo editing or opening up selfie-rating website. Or maybe it is technology that attracts you and you may want to specialize in best-selling phones, making money as a reseller. Your niche would be people who are looking for the phones which take best selfies or close-up shots. Do you start getting an idea?

In other words, you lack passion and you need to find what fires you up! Once you do that, you can start slow and grow. Nothing beats the business which is based on passion!

4 of Cups For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

4 of Cups represents Uncrossing Spell + Transformation Spell in conjunction with Attraction Spell. These spells are done for a specific area of life or for several areas of life at once. Uncrossing spell serves as energy source to uncross the condition which binds you to mental and emotional regrets.

Transformation spell serves as a catalyst to transform negative into positive. It can be Karmic issues, past regrets, feelings of hopelessness or whatever else. And finally, Attraction spell serves as attractive force to attract what you want! Be it pleasant source of income, sexy partner or love of your life - that's what is spell is aimed for!

One important point about Attraction spell done when 4 of Cups appears: it must include Astrological element of Sun because what you think may make you happy can be an illusion. Therefore, you want to attract what will truly make you happy!

Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love... Or maybe you want to double or triple your income... Or start a successful business... Or have powerful psychic protection... Or whatever else it may be - then you MUST check out spell work information and you too can create DESIRED REALITY rather than living at the mercy of the circumstances.

4 of Cups For General Outcome

When 4 of Cups appears in outcome, it calls you to get out of the "same-old" as soon as possible!

This card calls for action and honest self-evaluation. You cannot continue going through same cycles over and over again. Sure, you may feel depressed and you may feel like there is no way out. But try something new and you will prove yourself wrong very quickly!

This card also tells you that you are missing the opportunities. You are unable to see them due to heavy concentration on the past. And when you do see them, you quickly find excuses why they will not work out.

But you must understand that past and present are two different things. People are not all same and situations are not all same. There will always be good and bad but you cannot be stuck in "bad mode" only.

Being grateful for something in the moment of now is an excellent way to shift negative energies represented by 4 of Cups. Even finding 10 good things that happen right now will begin the shift!

Get out of that negativity mode and get out fast!

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