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2 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

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A few Quick Characteristics of 2 of Pentacles are below. Including Love, Sex, Money, and a General Outcome:

Arcana: Minor

Element: Earth

Major meaning: Balance

Quick message: 2 of Pentacles calls you to balance your finances

Positive influence: Money and balance coming in, feelings are there, relationships is good

Negative influence: Weak balance, money or feelings (love relationships) are fragile

Personality strengths: Balanced, Spiritual, grounded, hard-working, good at time management

Personality weaknesses: Personality weakness, may go with the flow due to lack of self-confidence, boring

2 of Pentacles For Love

2 of Pentacles for love usually is a good omen. However, it is one of these cards that tell you that even though everything is good, the "job is not done yet". This card calls you to understand that the balance in a relationship can be temporary. Something may need to be done to strengthen it. 

But what if you are single and you draw 2 of Pentacles? It usually means two things:

1. You may be sort of confused between "this or that guy or girl" or...

2. Relationship is coming but don't expect it quick. You are still lacking that manifestation fire.

Also, pay attention to WHY you asked a certain question in your Tarot reading when 2 of Pentacles came up. For example, if you are asking "is he/she cheating on me?" and this card came up, then the answer is no! BUT! Here is that BUT with this card: you need to ignite your love and sex life by using more emotions.

Do you now see the meaning? It's like saying that everything is ok for now but some additional work would be very beneficial. Also, this card may represent a boring relationship. And if nothing is done, then boredom may lead to seeking excitement somewhere else.

Don't panic. This card is a good card. It's just saying that your love life is now balanced, no matter what. It's just asking you to look deeper to make things better. 

In some Tarot readings, 2 of Pentacles represents crossroads for love life. Let me explain... Imagine a couple comes for a reading and both of them have sort of "eh" attitude towards each other. They are calm, balanced, everything seems to be fine but both of them are dissatisfied with that feeling that something is missing. What's missing is the removal of that "eh" attitude towards each other and enter "WOW" attitude!

If not, then both partners may later simply agree to go separate ways. 

As far as feelings go, 2 of Pentacles represents balance. That's good. It represents great conscious-subconscious connection and grounding. Feelings are grouded and under control. But in todays World drama is often subconsciously seeked, so that cool and balanced attitude may be viewed as boring. Therefore, the person who looks at someone with that card energy may feel boredom. 

Let me explain it another way. Let's say you are a girl and your feelings are represented by 2 of Pentacles. You feel cool, calm, in control. You work, you make some money, you try to progress. But if you date a guy whose personality is represented by Knight of Wands, then that guy may view you as not exciting enough.

On the other side, if you are with King of Cups, he views you as an honest, reliable, trustworthy wife or girlfriend. Yet, even King of Cups may want to try something new with you - and that's good!

Overall, this is all about keeping a balance with avoiding the boredom!

2 of Pentacles For Sex

2 of Pentacles for sex represent positivity. When it comes to cheating questions, this card means "no cheating". It also represents sexual compatibility. So, that's great!

Yet, make sure you are keeping things spicy in bed. Remember: balance is great but repetition of balance may lead you to creating "same old, same old" feelings. It's like you are sexually very compatible, but your partner may know three of your moves ahead - because it's "same old". 

Don't take it in a bad way though. What you need is just OCCASIONAL unexpected and surprising change! And that will really fire up your sex life with your partner! For example, if you are a "good girl", completely surprise your partner with a "very bad girl" attitude when he least expects it.

Let me give you a real life example. I am not saying that you should do exactly the same because it depends on your relationship, but... I know a couple who had it "good in bed". To make it "hot in bed", a girl put a mini-skirt in the evening and told her biyfriend that she is going out for couple of hours to the night club... There was little bit more to that... You got the idea...

She told her biyfriend to trust her and patiently wait when she comes back. When she came back, it was an "unforgettable night". Not only her boyfriend was wondering what she is doing, she also allowed herself to drop her "good girl" attitude for couple of hours and charge herself with feeling hot and sexy.

If you are single and you get 2 of Pentacles, it means that you may want to sort of "push a bit harder" to attract an exciting sex partner into your life. Think where exciting sex partners may be and dedicate more time to visit these places. Also, 2 of Pentacles in sex department represents that travel will be very beneficial for you if you are single.

You may meet someone new, somewhere far and it can be very exciting! It can change your life!

2 of Pentacles For Money

When it comes to money, 2 of Pentacles call you to plan ahead. Again, this is a card of crossroads.

When you get this card in your financial questions, it asks you to brainstorm on how you can improve your finances. For example, you want to think of:

  • Taking more time before making financial decisions
  • Relax and meditate to see if there are any money traps
  • Consult an advisor! 
  • Make a solid, action-oriented plan on how to improve your finances
  • 2 of Pentacles also tells you that you need to concentrate on what you have and take action on how to expand your already gained resources to have more money

This card does not signal riches. However, it signals that in order to avoid poverty, you need to seriously dedicate your time to planning and action in order to avoid money-related surprises.

For now, it is better to save your money for the purpose of expanding it. For example, you can save few dollars here and few dollars there in order to open a small online business.

It does not ask you to be cheap and enter into panic of saving any penny you have. That's more of the poverty mindset. No, it asks you to save money now for something greater in the future!

2 of Pentacles For Spell Work And Energy Correction

Worried about "bad news" or "negative outcomes" of this card and how it may affect you in real life? If yes, then consider doing the sell work, or hiring someone to do it for you. Spell work is a very powerful ancient solution to overcome the challenge represented by this card in all sorts of situations.

In spell work, 2 of Pentacles represents Money Drawing Spell in conjunction with Jupiter Astrological Spell. Both are done on Thursday, on Waxing Moon.

2 of Pentacles in evergy work asks you to expand your money. That is done with Money Drawing Spell. However, Jupiter Astrological Spell makes the expansion much, much greater. It signals you that you do have an opportunity for wealth - if you do right energy work and energy correction.

Also, 2 of Pentacles represents financial opportunities. However, here is the deal - without energy work, it may take you years to achieve your goals and you may even abandon them. Yet. with right energy work, finances must be drawn to you like you are a Money Magnet!

It's just you HAVE to do the energy work if you want that.

Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love... Or maybe you want to double or triple your income... Or start a successful business... Or have powerful psychic protection... Or whatever else it may be - then you MUST check out spell work information and you too can create DESIRED REALITY rather than living at the mercy of the circumstances.

2 of Pentacles For General Outcome

Expect change. Usually, positive change. However, the change may feel as though it is too small.

2 of Pentacles is one of those basic cards that tell you like nothing much is happening. Yet, the hidden message in the outcome is that you have to "lift" your brain and your butt in order to think and do.

Also, 2 of Pentacles is a strong card for travel. This means that you can expect travel for either business or to improve your relationship. If you completely do not plain to travel or even avoid it due to financial reasons, 2 of Pentacles is asking you to reconsider your mindset and try travelling at least somewhere not too far.

Boredom may also come with 2 of Pentacles. Therefore, think how to avoid boredom. Get more excitement in your life! DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Try new things.

Also, this card represents great partnerships in the outcome. With it's balance and general sense of trust energy, you can drop worries and doubts. Everything is going with the flow and everything must be great!

It's just we want things better and better in life and 2 of Pentacles says that it is more than just possible if you listen to the advice and act! Don't hesitate, don't doubt, don't second guess - act now!

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